Enertion give us a update unity!

Haven’t heard a damn shit since 16 July

What’s going on right now? Any update for us suckers that are starting to hate this drama and company.

Orderd in May #26xxx is this the “3rd batch” “4th batch” It’s 3rd week in September. @carl.1 @CarlCollins @enertionboardsusa

Want to tag everyone but I don’t know their names.

Give us information! Everyone else know something?

Welcome to business with Enertion. 2 years ago this black friday they sold the focboxes before they had them in stock but it seems like they had a bunch 6 months later people were just getting there order.

Its gonna be looooong wait for everyone, mine should be shipping end of august they said, but no news since now, well…

In stock shipping same week, upgraded with better connectors and thicker and longer cables :+1:


where is BioBoards getting their Unity units from?

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I’m pretty sure you can buy Unitys in bulk (like, 100+ quantities) from the factory in China (via Alibaba) and they ship before the ones that Enertion is selling.


Ordered 100 Unitys from Enertion with custimization a long time ago


i better purchase one of these before they are all gone…that’s like 17k or something like that for 100 units from Ali :thinking:

The ones on Ali are enertion. Bioboards were waiting for a loooong time for their order I believe…

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Sweet but hopefully I have a UNITY incomming o don’t need more.

If u want we can trade. Send me one now and when I get mine u can have it.


I annoyed the crap out of them for a long while. Ordered in May received in in September. I made a point to badger the forums and email support weekly. I have a feeling they dont go in order of purchase date, but based on who is the most vocal.


my father always said…the squeaky wheel gets the oil.


But if you’re not squeaky, you don’t need oil.


exactly…no one will oil you if you are not making noise.


The business has no cash so they have to build up pre-orders to fund their builds. Very high chance of going bust IMO.

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same here, unfortunately. I got my Unity now, but it was painful to have to wait for so long after all the broken promises of delivery.

Lets make a group buy?


my thought exactly…Enertion should scrap everything and put all available resources into Unity production and fixing their reputation. I think this will save them. NO ONE…NO ONE wants lawyers poking their noses into the esk8 community. no “disrespek” to any lawyers in the group.


That’s enertion themselfs…

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Thank U, Next.

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