Enertion Injection Molded 36T Wheel Pulley

Any of the aluminium mounts left? Wouldn’t mind getting one so I can swap from my shitty wobbly pulley to a nice one :smiley:

You can buy theses from evolve for $25 and from america for $32 and china for around $8 kegal and abec wheel molding styles

or get metal ones here

I just bought a set from evolve to try out. Looking forward to seeing how they fit.

Any news on pricing and availability of these and 12mm belts and pulleys?

20-25 minutes with a dremel cutting wheel and sanding drum if you want it clean and professional.

I just did this for a 33 tooth Evolve pulley that can take a 15mm belt and is still compatible with enertion mounts if you run one fat motor with a longer shaft to accommodate a motor pulley that wide.

Here’s what I did on YouTube. It’s also on my Instagram

This would totally work with the new enertion pulleys of course when using your own caliber ii trucks.


Lol bro…you should wear a hat or use a scrunchy … We wouldn’t want your lovely locks 🙎🏼 caught up in the mix lol

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Great job and super helpful but that’s a whole lot of truck removed. You think that’ll compromise them for a heavier rider?

I dont think so. These arent forged trucks. The cast alloy provides hardly any actual structural integrity. It all comes from the steel axle.

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what @lowGuido said. This is one of the reasons i love these Calibers. Yeah they’re simple and not precision trucks, but they’re very well built, gorgeous, and hackable.

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i had it pulled up in a bun but the shit falls out sometimes. Trust me, getting your hair wound up around a dremel doing 15000 RPMs isn’t fun.

the last time it happened to me it almost burned out my dremel. My hair was fine though.


Will these fit 97mm Abec 11 Flywheels?

12mm Wide - 36T Wheel Pulley - Integrated Bearing - ONLY $15USD

Compatible with ABEC 11 Flywheel & Enertion PowerWheels *truck hanger mod required

9mm Wide - 36T Wheel Pulley - Integrated Bearing - ONLY $15USD

Compatible with ABEC 11 Flywheel & Enertion PowerWheels *truck hanger mod required

Great news! I’ll grab a couple

What about 12mm motor pulleys?


@longhairedboy I was just looking for them! Will they come @onloop ?

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What about motor shafts that can support 12mm pulleys? Do the 6374s already have these? i assume you’re using them on the mono raptors so i was expecting to see all those parts show up on the site.

Sorry i just keep thinking of shit 5 minutes after i post, but all this is nothing new. I’ve been wondering about all of this since the aluminum bolt-thru wheel pulleys vaporized from the site abrubtly forcing me to get out of my chair and poke around for alternatives. I even downloaded FreeCad and started trying to learn it.


And how about 12mm belts too

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Those he does have, i just checked this morning.

oh shit, forgot about the 12mm wide motor pulleys