Enertion-Like Motor Mount Clone


I was searching eBay and I came across this mount that seems to look pretty durable. Incase anyone is interested (since enertion doesn’t sell DIY parts anymore) I just bought one so I’ll let you know how it works out! The person selling this also responded to my messages and answered all my questions pretty fast so I’ll see. (Not to mention it was only 45 US Dollars plus shipping)

The only thing that worries me about this is how thin one of the holes are but I don’t think it would be too much of a problem because I was never planning on banging it against anything lol. (It’s pretty thick too so i don’t think it will break)

This is not my product incase you were wondering.

It’s actually @thisguyhere selling these :slight_smile: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-mount-for-caliber-ii-trucks-enertion-clones-aluminum-clamp-carbon-fiber-arm/30286


I have had the same but without the black. I also think they seems too have too thin walls on the middle hole. Never triesd the mount though.

im using 2 of these mounts on a dual 6355… no problems other then making sure hardware is torqued down

I am sure it will work for a while but it might not hold up after 100km+

@karma Yeah I really hope they do hold up because I mean its one of the best looking clones out there but i guess we’ll see.

@trancejunkiexxl Have any pictures?

I’m just speculating but once the carriage bolts are torqued down, the clamping force on the bolt itself should carry most, if not all of the weight and torque exerted on the mount arm.

Another way of saying that is the carriage bolt itslf becomes the stress member once torqued down.

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my only beef with these mounts is i cant get the belt sizes to match on each side… one is 265 and the other side is 270… i have ajusted them for dayyyyssssss… still cant get 265 on the other side to fit… if u really want pics i can send them after work peecc

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See all that space between the clamp and the hanger? Pretty sloppy fit. It won’t work well for long.

Yea for normal caliber I think it’ll do better with shims, maybe some tough tape or aluminum foil?

I have one with the same measurements. The only way to get it to fit is to put at the same time the wheel with the pulley, the belt and the motor pulley already aligned.

tried that as the bolts need to be loose so you can find the fitting and then get it to hold position. problem is on dexters extended hangar once you apply the final torque to lock it in position it overtightens the belt which then won’t spin freely… no amount or combination has worked for me… but agree sir diff its kinda a one shot deal gotta install it all at same time…dual motor config further complicates this matter as you have to get an angled tool

If you file a little notch out of the carbon plate, you should be able to get at least another tooth or more of adjustment. Before notching this, I had a 52t/260mm belt with 14/36 gearing and it just barely fit. The belt was a tiny bit too tight for my liking. After, I was able to fit that setup very loosely and could even get a 15t motor pulley on as well, with enough adjustment to run proper belt tension. Dio, you should have no problems with a 15/36 265mm setup. Plus, it gave me a little more wiggle room with the plate position/angle for clearance under the deck.

prepping my dremel XD… ohh what a friend you are sirr… indeed

*ignore the cable mullet, i have been pressed for time and need to reroute and re measure my stuff pics as per req =)

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Happy to help. The devil’s in the details for sure. It’s amazing how many times I’ve found myself in a spot where even a few tenths of a millimeter makes all the difference.

Am i the only one who thinks that those mounts are dangerous. When you hit something with the hanger it will throw you off the board because you will hit it with the screws. And sooner or later you will hit something.

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I believe the new hardware screws from @thisguyhere addresses some of the issues the mounts has… this eco-mount, for its price point is pretty good. its hard to say that the mounts are dangerous, i believe my riding style, and lust for deep downhill while at the end of controller ppm range is probably not healthy/safe either… getting ejected seems to be my specialty… mostly from road erosion and sand pits through pavement hurt me the most sorry for long winded response, what im trying to say is the stuff i hit usually i cant recover from haha. i can however compare them to my enertion mounts… which i believe are even worse. m6 screws chew threw through that aluminum clamp real quik like and the clamp eventually strips… have a good day friends also yummy blobs dual motor build is sick!

*be carefull in agricultural areas =)

With the proper length bolt, it’s much less of an issue. Or even better, flip the bolt around so the nut faces the rear.

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The mounts came today! Not gonna lie they are a lot lighter than I thought (pretty durable so far) Ill update you guys on them a little later.


@trancejunkiexxl @Mobutusan I did what you guys said and fit a 255mm belt on mine :grin: (don’t mind how messy the Dremel work is…)