Enertion Mechanical Kit - Correct Motor Truck

Hey all, The parts are here!!! Question about trucks - the arms on one truck, namely the silver axle, are longer on one truck in comparison to the other. Is the more exposed arm truck meant for the motor mount? And I’m confused on bearings/bearing spacers. Thanks team! Its almost done!!!

the side with the longer axel on the truck is where the wheel with gear and motor go,

Check YouTube where he asembles the board in 12min. There you can see how it is done.

The wheel pulley has an extra bearing and needs more space on the Axle.

@Dunmer I watched it, and he utlized circlips with his motor mount - my kit didn’t come with any? I got a turnigy 6364 instead for the motor

Circlips come with the Enertion motors, some other manufacturers utilize them, some dont

How do I space the pulley so it isn’t up against the carbon fiber when its spinning? @Sean555

I’m not really sure because I’m a newbie and I’ve never used that motor, but if you have the 12mm pulley from Enertion, it has no grub screw. The DIY pulleys have them. Some on the forum have drilled their own grub screw in or glued it somehow. I also think with your motor shaft is round? You’d also have to create/dremal a flat spot on your motor shaft so that the grub screw has something flat to prevent spinning/slipping. Perhaps someone who has this motor can chime in?

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