Enertion messed up again. Reaching out to the community

So the backstory for this post is that I ordered the drive kit from enertion about a month ago. When I got the order, it came pre-assembled but it wasn’t assembled correctly. The key from the motors keyhole was not in place. I contacted Enertion about it, and they told me they would send me the missing parts for free (I also didn’t get all the bearings and the 5.5mm bullet connectors). So I thought to myself that’s really cool of them. But today I went to get the package and of course NO KEY, only bullet connectors and bearings.

So now I’m reaching out to the community hoping that you have a solution for my problem. I have everything set except for the key for the motor. Has anyone had a similar kind of experience, and what did you do to solve it? There must be some kind of DIY solution for this. Can I just put a screw in the motor pulley or something like that? Thanks


I changed the title… we are only humans and can make mistakes. No reason to use impolite words :wink:


get some LOCTITE 648. all you need! glue your pulley at your motor and its strong as fk. esk8.de is using this on every build and so do i.

note that there’s a possibility of putting too much of it and not being able to remove it afterwards (I’ve been there, actually I am there ^^)

my advice would be to get the key from somewhere local, I believe it should be something you can find in a hardware store probably, if you are going to apply the green loctite try with a small amount, let it cure for a day, see if the pulley stays on, if not re-apply a bigger amount… and repeat

Look on Ebay for Key steel, cheap as chips. I presume it is a 3mm keyway? Anyway all you need then is a file to make it fit. Loctite would work but suppliers only do that because it is cheaper and easier for them than using keys. Gluing a gear on a shaft is IMHO not really a good option. Do it properly and use the key.

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@makevoid, you can use a heat gun for this:


With enough heat you can remove it. Did that already. But to remove it with heat spin it instead of pulling it. That helped for me. You can use a soldering iron.

Thanks for the tip!

I tried with a lighter for 3-5 min as I don’t have a heatgun, I’ll probably try it again another time with that and then get a heatgun, get a better battery terminal puller and try with that and/or brake the mount and/or grind the pulley with an angle grinder and a dremel. I really put a lot of green loctite on it T_T

thanks for the tip, I’ll try spinning it with a wrench too

Try to apply heat for a while. After a couple of minutes it was relatively easy to spin it. Don’t try with too much force if you want to use the pulley again.

The key on Enertion Kit is suppose be package with the motor pulley…

“Use gloves while doing the whole process! ;-)” and we can see (it seems so) that you did not use a glove :smiley:

that’s been my experience. This isn’t typical behavior. People make mistakes.

i’ve not had an issue with missing parts from Enertion very often at all and i order shit from them all the time. But i never order fully assembled stuff. I get the pulleys, mounts, belts, and motors separately and i usually end up with extra parts. Keys come in the bag with the pulleys and grubs, motors come with bullets and extra ring clips, mounts come with grubs for the clamps, etc. I started passing the hex keys along to the customer for my builds as part of the tool kit.

i’m actually looking for extra pulley keys as well since i’ve lost a few of my extras here and there while moving things around and organizing. Maybe my search fu isn’t that great right now, but i’m not seeing it. Can you post a link?

I have an extra key if you want but I’m in Canada hahaha. I also had a bad experience with enertion. They sent me 2 front trucks so I ended up having to cut one of them since enertion never responded (I bought from enertion and payed $30 more to avoid this!!). They also sent me a VESC without the pins to connect to the receiver, which isn’t a big deal, except they ignored my complaint again, saying I should just solder it myself. I ended up soldering, but I had seen in a previous case, onloop offered to pay for someone else to install the pins, or even have the person send the VESC back to Australia and have him solder the pins on. I got radio silence after 2 additional responses :frowning:

this might be it… if somebody else can put eyes on it for me. I think these will work.

3mm x 3mm x 16mm pre-cut keys from Grainger. The keyway on the enertion motors is 3mm X 18mm so these should fit. It’s a bag of 50 of them for $13.80, so yeah, cheap as chips. Well, a lot of chips. lol

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Thanks for the help everyone. I’m probably going to try and make a small key from an allen wrench and then glue it down with locktite. Wish me luck :smiley:

Yeah, that was for demonstration purposes only! :slight_smile:

Actually the amount of Loctite 648 (green) will not have an influence on it’s strength, but in general it’s very strong, almost like welding it to the shaft. The reason we went that way was not because of costs, but based on countless times of loosing the grub screws or destroying their threads.

Normally you don’t change that pulley very often, but it has to be staying in place else it’s not funny to push your board home because the pulley became loose. The heat which needs to be applied has to be >270°C.

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Ace Hardware has keys in the hardware section, just have to grind them a tiny bit to make them fit. Dexter sells them for $1

I checked lowes and home depot (both of whom have it on their site), but they didn’t carry it in stores. It’s so hard to find them here… (San Francisco).