Enertion motor clicking

I started noticing a while back that my 6374 motor often clicks in short, regular intervals. Initially I thought it was something loose in my battery/VESC enclosure rattling. It seems to be more obvious at lower RPM’s but that may be partly due to the fact that the motor isn’t as loud in this case. It also seems to be less apparent when I’m not pushing on the accelerator or brake.

Any ideas what this could be?

Clicking sounds like the belt…check if teeth missing or a small rock in the pulley

normally this happens with the 12mm wide motor pulleys as they are “rocking” back & forth on the shaft & key. do you have the 12mm wide pulley? The 12mm pulleys don’t have a set screw to fully lock them down.

remove pulley & use thread lock on shaft can resolve this.

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Belt seems fine, doesn’t sound like a belt issue which I’ve heard before. It does sound like the kind of noise the pulley could make if it’s rocking though, I’ll give that a go and see if I have any luck.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Ah yes … Could be the case of the pulley isn’t right on the shaft

It is either the belt or the pulley. I had this issue with an SK3 motor, it isn’t the motor. I don’t know exactly what it was though… I just fixed it one day when I reloctited the pulley and loosened the belt a tiny bit.

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Just thought I’d add a quick update. Putting thread locker on the motor shaft turns out to be a bad idea if you ever want to be able to remove the motor pulley in the future (At least this is the experience I’ve had).

I used Enertion’s blue thread locker and it did solve my original issue but last night I went to remove the motor pulley from the motor shaft so that I could take my motor off its mount but no matter how hard I tried, the pulley would not come off. After hours of trying different ideas to remove the pulley, I ended up having to sacrifice the pulley and dremel it off…

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heat will get that lock tight free.

I hope none of the metal bits from the pulley got into the motor…

Tried heat with no luck. It helped to some extent, as I was able to make the pulley rock back and forth on the shaft slightly but it still wouldn’t budge any more than that unfortunately

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oh man i wish i had that board. I have bought all the necessary weapons for stubborn pulleys because they used to keep me up at night.

heat gun pulley remover soldering iron for more heat flat head screw drivers cursing

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if you have a heat gun… just cook that bastard for 2 minutes or more. put a cool damp rag on your motor to keep the magnets cool but cook the fuck out of that pulley man.

youll see it start smoking… thats pulley’s soul leaving its body. (actually burning thread locker)

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Well if I end up in this situation again I’ll give the heating route another go. I did try heating the pulley by holding a lighter under it for several minutes and I got a small amount of smoking which was when I could start rocking the pulley back and forth again but that’s as far as I got.

This is what the pulley was looking like before I gave up for the night last night. Except for a few mm’s at the back of the pulley where I can’t get my Dremel to cut without also cutting into the motor mount, I’ve cut right down to the motor shaft and the damn thing still won’t come off, even after using CRC, flat head screw drivers, more heat and whatever else I could find in my toolbox. Most stubborn piece of metal I’ve ever had to deal with :stuck_out_tongue:

Think it’s going to be round 2 with the Dremel tonight. The plan now is to do a similar cut down the other side of the pulley which will hopefully allow me to split the damn thing in half…


The most effective method when accompanying a flat head screwdriver

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damn right!

Pulley remover did not work? Wondered if they could handle a tight job like yours.

Ah that’s a good idea! In saying that, a new pulley is cheaper than one of those tools anyway so nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

My motor pulley (SK3 Motor w/TB Pulley) would not stay on till recently with some luck and loctite cured for a day. Wish I had your stubborn pulley haha