Enertion motor mount kits, x2 (SOLD!)

BRAND NEW Enertion motor mounts for sale. Bought as spares but was never used. $105 shipped both $55 shipped each conUS ONLY! PM if interested. 20170416_122756

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Will buy now if you can ship to UK

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The price is steep imo but gl

Iv had problems with my current mounts rode my board once since buying them,to be honest these are the best iv had,if he can ship both to UK for $100 I’ll buy now!

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Unless you can point me in the right direction for some clones uk/eu they were on ebay for £20 each!

Sorry I haven’t got/seen any mounts like that even though the files are open source now

Ok no worries iv put a wanted post out there,failing that will see if he will ship these to UK.

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