Enertion motor on gen 2 evolve board

Hi all, I have gen 2 evolve bamboo, and although love the board it needs more power. Could a more powerful motor like the enertion be run off the evolve controller and battery?

Oh no. Not a bardard EE board. Get a new GT.

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Just get the new GT.

Easy to say “get a new gt”, but it’s expensive and even if it weren’t , there is a pretty long wait.

It’s a sensored brushless motor 4 or 6 phase motor (400w?). I don’t know much about the driver for these motors.

If you really wanted something different (not sure about faster) you could fairly easily get a vesc, outrunner motor, and cut up some aluminum to mount to the existing disk that is continuous with the truck and ride into the sunset on that. It’s a 36v battery, 10s something (p1,2?).

This would probably cost you on the order of 300$ USD. Olin motor and vesc plus a remote.

There is plenty of room in evolve battery housing to cram a vesc in and you could mount it to the existing ground facing heatsink. Also, the point of this forum is tinkering and building because why not?

power comes from the controller. Ur amps are limited by the controller. Maybe u can find how to program or hack the evolve controller to produce more motor phase current. If u can increase it u have more power. The motor can put out much more and I doubt any brandname hyped power numbers are any better than what you already have if they’re the same size motor

Why not get a VESC controller and try running 42v into the gen2 motor.