Enertion motor pulley on sk3 motor

I want to know how to install enertion motor pulley on sk3 motor. I found on enertion site this:

Fitment on non R-SPEC Motors: If your motor shaft doesnt have a key way slot & circlip provisons simply grind a flat spot onto the side of the shaft, deep enough (1.4mm) for the key to fit tightly when the pulley is installed. Use the KEY as a wedge and hammer it into position. This pulley will be mechanically locked onto the motor shaft.

So can anybody show me how it should look like with pictures, please? Also question about that enertion nylon wheel pulley, does that nylon last long?

I’ve heard no problems with the nylon. It has GF in it as well.

The pulley is as hard as a rock…should hold up just fine in comparison to the normal metallic pulleys

That’s good, then i’ll go for it.

Just a thing to keep in mind, don’t put too much pressure on the motor shaft. A friend of mine broke his motor by doing something similar.

he is talking about the motor pulley

@onloop Read the whole thing.

yeah sorry, i missed that.

like that


Thanx a lot:grinning:

And how do you take if off if needed?

Bearing puller