Enertion Motors, Mount kits no longer available?

Did Enertion stop selling motors and mount kits. They no longer show up on their website at all. Have they moved onto the fully-built board business now? That would be shame as I really like their kits and still need to buy more.

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Yes, they only sell full boards now. :cry:

Mother Fucker.

I totally called this.


I loved those mounts so much. Guess I’ll just make my own now and in the meantime use one of the other dozen mounts on the DIY market for my customer’s builds.

As they say: Well, shit.

Crap…I wish they would have said this…I’m short 2 mounts/motors and agreed…their kits were awesome. This sucks.

I announced this a while back…

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This pissed me off too as I got a Raptor to repair and i was only able to get used parts from people here. There are plenty of places to get parts, the sad thing for me it that it’s a dual drive so I need/want both sides to match up.

It sucks that Enertion started off as a great place to get good parts for DIY boards but have moved onto full boards only. We can’t blame him for the business move, but still sucks.

I got the same problem. I am already thinking about what to do when upgrading to dual drive, as there is no mount similar to the enertion one. :sweat:

I’m definitely going to get @unik mounts and motors if the Raptor 1 I’m fixing doesn’t work out

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There is the files for the Enertion motor mounts on these forums if that’s any help.