Enertion Nano-X came without wires?

So a couple months back I received my Nano-X remote from Enertion. But was waiting on a few other components so I never bothered opening the box. Now I have the parts I opened the box only to find it without the wires to connect the receiver to the VESC or any wires, just the receiver and remote. I don’t know if this is intentional or a packing mistake but would like to find out and if it was intentional where could I buy the wires from?

There should be usb cable. You have to buy servo cable by yourself, which isn’t that nice in my opinion.

Guess he means the cable that connects the RX with the VESC!? If so, no there is no such cable within the package but you can order them online or go to a local hobby RC store.

Yeah that’s what I meant with “servo cable”.

I got mine here. Pack of 10 for 4 bucks. On amazon, so if you have prime you can get it quick with free shipping.

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