Enertion nano x ISSUE , reverses the thrust while riding!

I m using the enertion nano x remote and a Hobbywing ezrun max6, while riding I was ejected as the thrust was reversed instantly. When getting up I notice the forward way is now full brake and brake makes it go forward!!! It is the second time it happens. Every time there was heavy rain around me.

It is unacceptable , do you think it is the remote’s fault or the ESC?

The only thing I can think of is that you hit the throttle reverse button on the side of the remote. Especially if it happened while riding or just starting off. It’s never happened to me and I think it’s not easy to do. Also the parts are not waterproof. Perhaps @CarlCollins could shed some light.

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HI Jerome

I think you’ve accidentally enabled remote’s Throttle Mirror Mode feature

press the button on the NANO-X for 3 seconds to switch back to normal mode. (button named Throttle mirror mode) I hope this helps.


Hi Carl, I find it strange that no where on the instructions you posted and no where on the website does it mention the throttle calibration. Shouldn’t this be priority information about calibrating the throttle every time you turn it on? Maybe is has been updated since I bought my first one?

I believe is more related to this “Every time there was heavy rain around me”


Information related to Nano-X was already on the Helpdesk from ages. And yes you need to calibrate everyday before rolling. Here is the link: https://enertionboards.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000077673-Nano-X

Raptor 2 riders get this information printed on the box when they receive the board.

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There’s also a sticker on the remote telling you to calibrate it each time before use.

Carl, where’s my wheels!

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I own 5 nano-x’s. The only one that came with a sticker on it is the one that came with my Raptor 2.

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I guess the sticker is a new thing. When did you get your remotes?


Yeah. I think its a newer thing. Got my remotes throughout the year of early 2017.

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Thanks Carl, I picked up my nano x in one of the very first group buys. It arrived in December of 2016. I’ve know about the calibration issue since the beginning and was curious about the info. The link you posted doesn’t/didn’t lead me to info about the calibration process which was my point. There is lots of other info there which is great. I love the product, don’t get me wrong. It’s why I have a second one on the way.

They put my sticker on backwards

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Hi Carl

What is the calibration operation to be done here? I don t see any instruction, my remote does not have this sticker

I think my issue was due to either pressing involuntarily the mirror button or the rain activated this function for me

I ll ride with something around the remote to protect it next time

Hi Jerome

Binding procedure is written in this image

Which I’ve shared with you earlier.

Carl that link does not provide info for the calibration procedure. It shows how to bind the product not calibrate the throttle. No where on that link does it give the procedure he asked you for. The qr code doesn’t either. The update log is empty. My point is that the calibration info should also be shown in that link and it isn’t. At the very least it should show up the in the empty update log.


Actually, Binding is same as calibration, Because rest of the remote settings was configured by the ESC.

It seems binding is not the same as calibration.

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Let me clarify

The binding of Remote with Raptor 2 and DIY board is different. The sticker shows the binding with Raptor 2. The image describe the binding procedure with DIY board.

And to calibrate the nano x on a diy board is the same as the sticker? Is this what you should do very time you turn on the nano?

Is there anybody using the mirror button? I had some cases where I activated the function by accident so I removed the button. Imo the most useless feature ever!

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