Enertion NANO-X | On Sale $49usd | GROUP DISCOUNT

Introducing the;

NEW Enertion NANO-X Electric Skateboard Hand Controller

Ergonomically designed to fit your hand & Small enough to slide into any pocket

  • Recessed buttons & switches to improve durability
  • Integrated Grip Channels to maximise grip on those sweaty high-speed runs
  • Super Slim fits in any pocket
  • Oversized Thumb Stick to increase connection with the throttle
  • Comes with receiver



Buy 11 - 15 and get 5% off Buy 16 - 20 and get 10% off Buy 21 - 25 and get 15% off Buy 50 or above and get 20% off

Will Distribute from EU & US Warehouses (save import duties)



The smallest & lightest controller currently available on the market.

When you are travelling at a speed exceeding 40km/h you want a tried & tested, quality wireless transmitter in your hand.

  • 2.4Ghz Band Width

  • Tiny form factor - easily fits in any pocket.

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • USB Cable Supplied

  • Wrist Strap Supplied (not shown)

  • Charge Indicator LEDs

  • Plug & Play Simplicity

  • Transmitter & Receiver supplied


I’m interested, do you have a working prototype? What’s it made of? Looks like you use your thumb to scroll on the wheel, which is my favourite way to go. Does winding back simply just brake or will it reverse as well or is that something I can change/adjust myself with some software changes?

Edit: forgot to ask, just how small is it? I like small, but I do want something I can comfortably hold.

Yes, i have been testing this for a while… Its made using an injection mold, it is glossy black plastic. It is thumb controlled, forward & backwards, no scrolling…

it has a built-in trimming pot, or you can adjust using vesc.

Video of early prototype


Nice. What I meant by scrolling is basically moving forwards and backwards. So do you mean it can reverse the board or simply brakes and stops?

It’s a stick that moves on one axis. It centers in the middle… it moves maybe 45 degree forward and 45 back

if you have breaks or/and reverse is usually set in your ESC not the remote.

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Put me up for one, is shipping included?

I am not organizing the group buy directly… I’m the supplier.

Nvm, i see its taxfree so shipping wont be alot since i live in belgium, can i also order an space cell pro 3 with order and get the discount? (If we hit the numbers)

Oh okay i see, thats fine

I suppose it depends who is organising it…

Is there a second channel to turn on/off lights etc.?

Yes. 2ch…

God damn your killing me here just when I bought the niko Kama I see this Would you say this is a lot more reliable than the Kama or just as good maybe a little more I want a thumb controlled remote with out experiencing a lot of dropping of signal

When I order I need to select a postal service (australian post… or … ). What should I choose for the EU distribution (and not pay too much)?

I would suggest doing a group buy, that way you can get free shipping & also save a percentage…

If you buy just one it will not be a good deal… My website cannot easily calculate the freight from Belgium to your address because it thinks the parts will ship from the Australian warehouse…

I hope that makes sense, eventually our system will be setup better, but it’s a slow transition phase.

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man if only it were matte, I’m not a huge fan of glossy.

This also seems highly based off the winning remote given the same receiver and placement of the switches, leds, bind button, and throttle trim.

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like the same thing except in a different plastic case. No?

Looks to be that way… it’s also similar in price to a winning remote from torqueboards and such.

Oh man!!! !this is so cool

Enertion evolution. I always thought the steeze remote was ugly and a step back

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