Enertion Nano-X

Anyone have 1-2 Nano-X available for sale, shipped to NYC asap?

I’ve got one I used for about 2 weeks, just replaced with a benchwheel. 40 bucks shipped?

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How quickly do you need them? I got 2 new ones I could ship tomorrow.

This guy is in NYC! @dg798

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however i don’t want to take away the sale from @mmaner.

naw, its all good. i forgot you had been trying to sell yours. I was just trying to help out my buddy :slight_smile:


i appreciate it!

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@dg798 happy to purchase it from you, just broke one I was taking on a trip next week. Anyway I can get it to me in Soho NYC by Monday noon? Can paypal you now, not sure where you are but can drop off at my offices in Soho Saturday or Sunday if downtown as I get back Sunday and leave Monday haha. let me know pls!

i can ship it to you but cant drop it off. sorry

if u want to pay extra i can send it priority and it should be by you tommorrow or monday

@mmaner I actually need 2, and only one immediately so happy to purchase yours as well. Let me know how to paypal you. You aren’t in LA perchance are you haha?

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PM me if u want.

Unfortunately not in LA :slight_smile:. I PM’d you.