Enertion - New York City - Repair Agent *position available*

Hey folks,

Enertion is in need of a New York based Repair agent. We have a repair network which is spread all over the world composed of 10+ people. Currently, we have 3 repair agents in the US. We have our West coast RA (Pete), Our Southern US RA (Kevin), and our Midwest RA (Hector)

To better support our customers in the US, a New York City RA would be ideal.

The position consists of the following: Receiving anywhere from 1-4 boards per month. Diagnosing boards Carrying inventory of components Completing repairs Logging services completed Informing Customers of board status (This list is not all inclusive)


Valid shipping address Have a technical background Technical skills Ability to solder, program Focbox, etc. Obtain required tools Soldering iron, multi meter, working material (wire, solder, heat shrink, etc.) , hex tools, screw drivers, BLDC tool, PC or Mac, wire cutters and other basic tools


We will reimburse you with Paypal. You will receive an Enertion Invoice template for logging services used as well as parts. We have set repair fees which you will use as a reference for services completed.

Whats in it for you?

Labor reimbursement Raptor Resale opportunity (details to be discussed with serious inquires)
Heavily Discounted Enertion Products

For applicants, please send an email SUBJECT LINE (ENERTION NYC RA) to [email protected] with the following: Latest project(s) Images you have completed with a short explanation (DIY skateboard related) Brief explanation of your background Forum name

Thanks !


I used to live in North Bergen NJ right accross the Hudson from NYC I would have applied but I live in Miami now.

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Damn, this has me thinking about moving to NY lol.


Lol I hope you’re not counting on this as your day job


Huh. If I didn’t have a literal fuckton of other shit to this could be fun.

I’m interested :grin:

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Tempting… does dirty Jersey count? Lol

Should count lol

I’m going to drive up to NJ to visit family sometime next year I’ll be bring my boards up to try to meet up with the NYC crew. What part of Jersey you from?


I’m down lol.


Advert that. Ill come meet up. In AC.

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I was actually going to ask if Jersey counted Monmouth county Jersey here and how deep of discount because I would think enertion deep discount would be 5%


emailed! thx.

Man when is @scepterr coming back. He literally has a shop there already


Yeah and he could totally did all the repairs he’ll he made my battery and antispark loop.

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He’s in the ass-end of Brooklyn, almost as bad as across the Hudson. But there are probably more eskating hipsters over on that side…

Lol he’d probably up-sell everyone to that sweet Hi5ber setup.

@scepterr come back!


Lol… Yup deep in the trenches almost in the atlantic ocean :wink:


Planning on making an expedition sometime this or next week to get some stuff from him, I wonder if he’s grown a long beard

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Thanks for you applications everyone! I will reach out back to one of you in the next few days.