Enertion not sending parcel

Who has experience with Enertionboards. I orderd the pro 3 battery 15 days ago. And it is not shipt yet. what is happening there?

That isint long. 90% of eSk8 building is waiting for parts. Enertion does seem to take a bit longer depending if the product is in stock or not, but 15 days is not long.

the battery was in stock, than you can send it the next day just like other company or not

Jason runs this out of his garage. It’s not hobbyking. The eSk8 industry itself is in the infant stages. Give it time, and if you really worried email support (they may or may not respond).

also just remember enertioned only opened again after Christmas on the 14th, so hes only had a couple of days and i bet hes been busy. Just send support a message

Maybe you didint read the top of Enertions page.