Enertion Official Stock & Shipping Updates

So things have been crazy at enertion HQ for the last two months!..

Growth has been incredible and our forecasting didn’t account for the huge influx of orders we would receive… this has left us high & dry without much stock on the shelf… I blame warm weather in the northern hemisphere & @RunPlayBack for his awesome esk8 videos.

Of course, there have also been many other delays that got in the way of us shipping out in a timely manner… if you have been watching my vlogs you will know what i am talking about.

To be 100% honest, I am actually ashamed of our service lately, it has been below average. We should have emailed you all individually and explained this situation but we literally ran out of the human resources required to effectively communicate with you all on an individual basis…

I apologize for the bad service & promise you that we have learned from our mistakes… As Dorothy states “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The esk8 industry is about to explode in popularity!

If you have placed and order for any of the parts listed below we are very sorry for not living up to our reputation of super fast worldwide delivery! Please rest assured your order will be shipping soon.

Below is a realistic summary of shipping dates

We are going to have a very busy few weeks ahead! If you can’t wait please email us asking for a refund. Otherwise please try to refrain from emailing us asking for delivery dates…we need to dedicate all our time to processing orders, this is the best info we have.


So wait, orders for raptors will start shipping at end of June?

I’m 2782, wondering where I fall. I thought I was going to have everything shipped this week based on what you said on the forum last week.

@Photorph I have to be realistic man, my best business advice is under promise over deliver - I certainly haven’t followed that rule lately due to unforeseen circumstances… I can’t keep over promising. So now I am under promising. If you can’t wait please email [email protected] and ask for a refund.

Actually I think your battery is on the way… so might be too late to refund that. I’ll know at midnight tonight when I talk to my US distributor.

Also. Your raptor is sitting on the shelf 99% finished… just waiting on vesc to arrive.

Can refund the raptor minus space cell.


@Photorph If you get the Raptor refund I’m sure someone will buy your space cell up quick (considering it should be delivered standalone mid-june for everyone else)

Thanks for being realistic @onloop. I don’t mind waiting honestly since as you know I should hopefully have one board under my feet by the end of the month. The space in between will allow me to do a proper review of both as they come in. Hopefully you’ll be able to over-deliver and we’ll all be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

I know, i know. you have told us all the time it will take some time. I want to tell you that im not complaining as i know how much work it is to have your own company. im from sweden and when i made the order i was planing to have a ride to play with this summer but as it looks now i will probably get the raptor in the end of the summer at the same point as the rain is starting and winter is coming here in september. So im not going to be able to use the board until next summer around may and by then you will probably have a v2 of the raptor out. This is an honest question: do you think i should ask for a refund and get back to you in february with an order instead OR keep in line and wait for it, hoping to be able to run it a few weeks? Ordernr: #4110 Kind and understanding regards from Jesper.

If it’s on the way no refund needed. I didn’t get any shipping info though?

He’s said before their systems aren’t in sync, it takes them a while to give him tracking numbers

Ok so both our batteries are on the way. And my rsptor is (and likely yours) 99% done and waiting for VESC.

Yup, same situation, just the VESC holding shit up as usual…I have a feeling Jason will be blessed by the esk8 gods for under-promising and we will see them sooner than scheduled.

Good effort @onloop this should help set expectations which should ease angst on both sides. To have a realistic dates is the way to go.

I have a couple orders with you, but with regards to VESC coming in after the quoted dates, are you still able to fulfill the majority of VESC in July? An order of say 4088 shouldn’t be to far after the 12/7 right?

Sorry you are probably going to have a few messages like this now.


YES, by end of July VESC ship within 24hrs.

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@onloop What is the word for those of us waiting on batteries and chargers that have not yet come with our raptors?

Hey. thank you for the information and also the E-mail. Also you have finaly chosen to under advertise which is great. Just for further intrest. With an order number of #3377 commencing shippment ca.7.7.2016 when do you think will it be in switzerland ca. ?

And further my order should qualify as within the first 150 raptors no ?

Ive been waiting four weeks for my r-spec and mount, i was going to give it another two before asking. Thanks for the update!

please email support, otherwise i have no idea who you are or how to help, thanks!

all raptor customer are in the first 150 so far.

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Cool! so i stay in line so that i can apply for V.I.P :slight_smile:

So if I place an order today for a raptor, would I expect my order to be delivered around the early/mid August? Also do you plan to offer the mono raptor again or just the dual?

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