Enertion or Torqueboards 6355?

i am in possession of enertion and torqueboards 6355 190kv motors, two of each.

it seems torqueboards are better at torque, enertion top speed (?), but wanted to see what i should go with.

top speed is good but i’m hitting hills so it’s all about torque for me.

yes, i know speed and torque can be controlled by gearing, i have 15-40 pulleys right now.

Um so what’s your question? You already have the motors.

My bad, should have mentioned, I’m gonna sell one set to recoup costs, just seeing which ones to keep and sell.

If you’re torn, keep one of each

they are very similar. I would sell the one that goes for more $.

I think you answered your own question. “torque boards are better at torque” “I’m hitting hills so it’s all about torque for me”

Yup, sent the enertion motors away, went with tb 6374 dual

Should have kept one of each. Best of both worlds.

I thought you said they where all 6355’s

Initially yes, then realized tb’s 218mm trucks have enough room for dual 6374s, so got them instead.

Put the 6355s on sale

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Well, Dual 6355’s vs Dual 6374’s
I would say no contest regardless of brand. Btw, I got my TB 218 trucks and a pair of APS 200kv 6374’s arriving next week !!!

Is that $90 each ?

Yes each, just revised the listing to make it clear.

Thought so, $90 for two new R-Specs would be ridiculous!

I’d consider myself generous but not stupid. Haha

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Any updated info on the 218mm trucks? I want to run my 6374’s dual rear instead of diagonal.

I’ve been lagging on my dual 6374 setup. I’ve heard that it works with up to 12mm belts. I’m gonna try it with 9mm belts

Moving incredibly slow on the new build, but preliminary measurements shows dual 6374 with 15mm belts fits. Going to try to complete this build tomorrow so will report back with results, and like a 45 minute, 3 part build vids for yootoob.