Enertion parts (Europe)?

Hello from germany !

For quite some time i read enertion will open an european warehouse ? forgot about that topic , i couldnt finde it somewhere…

is there any progress already ? if yes what kind of products could be ordered ?

(the motor i use is a 6374 from hellray.de) does the mount fit ?

iam getting sick of the german motor mount, it always gets off, so i need to try the enertion one …

my english is not the best, keep that in mind ^^


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The warehouse is in Belgium and is already set for some time now. It is low on parts though. If i am not mistaking the VESC is not on stock anymore.


if i order the motor mount from enertion website they will notice that iam from eu and send the mount directly from belgium ?

Wahrscheinlich ja, aber ob die im Langer sind oder nicht weiss ich nicht;)


i’m from spain and i’m interested in motor mount too, the last time i brought from enertion (australia) the duty fee was about 160 euros :frowning:

p.s. did you brought the motor mount in esk8.de ?

yes i did its shitty. it always gets loosely

Did you put some loctite to the screws?

Be careful if you put the red one you can’t remove It anymore.

yes i used loctite (the blue one) but i didnt helped… aluminium is not good for mounts its to soft. the thread inside will break after some time because of vibrations.

If you buy from the uk it seems they ship the parts from the USA first to Belgium. Takes around a month or so, but no duty to pay at least.

I ordered Enertion Motor Mounts a few weeks ago, I had to pay taxes. I do have 2 left, you can buy them https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/product-category/motor-mounts/

i cant pay with paypal it seems, i have to fill out credit card informations which i dont have. what should i do now ? i only have a verified paypal no credit cards.

Try again, I changed some settings.

still doesnt work …

The enertion one is also made of aluminium. Not sure what you think the difference will be.