Enertion Parts for Sale- SpaceCell Pro3, motor, VESC - SoCal

Hey folks-

A lot has changed in my life over the past couple years and I’m no longer riding the ol esk8 nearly as often. I’m going to de-electrify the Arbor and sell off the parts :frowning: I likely only charged and rode this thing ~20 times so the cycles on the battery and all components is low. Here’s the part list:

Mono Drive-train- -Enertion R-Spec 6372 190kv -Enertion Motor Mount -Enertion VESC Platinum
-SpaceCell PRO3 10s3p - the housing is a bit old and cracked- namely some of the mount points but the cells are in tip top- you could just get a new enclosure and be solid.

I’ve also got some assorted parts: 15t 12mm motor pulley and 12mm belts -@torqueboards 2.4ghz Nano (v1) Remote Controller diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller/

If you’re interested or want more info/pics just hit me up and make me an offer. :raised_hands:t2: If this gets some traction I’ll start pulling it apart and post pix.

Here’s a link to the original build thread:

how much for the remote controller

Make me an offer bruv.

How does $200 for the Enertion bits and battery sound?

I think all in with the battery 300 would be fair

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I’m going to sign off for now but I’ll check back tomorrow and be ready to accommodate any one with photos.

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I sent pm…

I am trying to piece together a second board so my 14 yo son and I can do some riding together. I could offer 100 for the motor and mount and another 100 for the battery. I know this is not nearly what you paid but if your interested in a quick sale I can send over the money ASAP. Thanks for your consideration

no way…

Why not? someone in this same forum was asking $120 for TWO 6374 R-Spec motors! Someone has the good chance to adquire that motor (and mount) for $100 (which is a great profit for the seller).


because those are discontinued exertion parts.

Hey folks. So people do seem to be interested. At the moment the motor and mount look to be sold (pending a transaction) as are the belts and pulleys.

That leaves the remote, battery and VESC. Still fielding offers so hit me up. I’m going to do a tear down today and get some photos up.

Can you do $20 shipped for the remote?

I’ll do 25 plus you pay for shipping. I’ll throw in a few extra bits along with remote and receiver — spare cables and ferret rings. See pix. image image image


Okay here’s so pix as promised. I’ll start dissassembly when someone actually sends me money. I found some extra bits in my kit if anyone is interested. I have a spare metal kegal pulley as well as a 3D printed one that is good in a pinch (think of it as a donut- won’t last very long) 70* and sunny in SoCal today is really making this difficult to let go of!image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Hello @t1m0007 I am interesting in buy the motor. do you agree 50 usd for the motor?

Hello @t1m0007 check my PM.

Before you sell that space cell you need to take it off the board and show it off a little… space cells are known to have issues with water ingress, and unfortunately its pretty important :frowning: