**Enertion Parts Liquidation Sale**

2 remotes at the moment

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Sorry about the late payment, I was double charged by paypal for some mbs wheels last week. I have sent the payment today and thanks again for putting up with my nonsense!

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Haha you’re all good buddy, no worries at all. I’m actually just at the Enertion packing station now putting your order together! :wink: I’ll have it out in the post to you tomorrow and will provide your tracking ref.

Thanks everyone else for your orders. With the exception of x2 outstanding invoices all orders for this round of madness have been shipped.

We’ve built a sexy new website over the last week and hope to have this live by the weekend. Following this all orders will be automated through there…details to follow soon!

@TarzanHBK - let me know how the EU group buy is looking and I’ll work with you to get that out as soon as all payment is in.

Thanks guys!

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UK Group buy is live peoples

Can I buy some drive wheel pulleys and bearings?


Hey I filled out the order form for a few things, are the remotes still available? I haven’t seen anything in my inbox for this!


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Sorry for the delay - sure! Where are you based?

Hey, just picked up your order - I’ll reply to your PM :slight_smile:


I’ve been a bit lazy promoting this of late - been having more fun riding my eMTB and making fun videos/games!! :smile:

Is there any interest in a US/UK or EU group buy??

I only have a couple of remotes left but there’s still lots of other parts up for grabs! Especially pulleys. I’m quite literally drowning in pulleys!! :joy:

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I also filled out the form but haven’t heard anything haha.

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What spec pulleys are they? Will they fit abec clones?

Yeah sure that’s what they are designed for. They’ll need hanger mod on all trucks except TB and enertion though

Can you pm me pic and prices?

Both in first post. Cmon

So sorry! It jumped down to the bottom of the forum.

Thanks @koralle for the guidence :slight_smile:

@Trdolan03 see this post from @thisguyhere which more clearly articulates the specs of the pulleys:

Note he also has stock in the US so if you’re US based he’ll be able to help you out. If you need stock in EU reach out to @TarzanHBK :wink:

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They don’t need any hanger modification on the Evolve Supercarve trucks

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Hey @Tathers sorry for the delay! I’ll make sure I get back up to speed with these orders!

I’ll drop you a PM shortly…

Nope, but they would need a bearing with 10mm hole instead, right? And would that be a great fit then? Considering getting ABEC pulleys sometime in the future, and these would be a cheap option!

Yep, they’re called “6900Z” bearings instead of “608” bearings and they’re super-cheap.

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Yeah, I used the 6900-2RS for more sealing though :smiley:

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