Enertion R-SPEC 6355 Whistling Grinding

FOC is set.

The grinding is louder when riding.

Does anybody knows where this noise come from ?


Try taking off the belt and seeing if it still happens. If there’s no sound then it’s the drive train and not the motor.

Still happen:

Seems like the same case as in http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-aps-6355-hev-190kv-weird-noise/7258

It’s not the same noise. mine is very sharp.

@gibs I’ve never used an R-SPEC, but this sounds like a normal BLDC motor to me. I might be missing something.

@treenutter If you listen to carefully, it’s like there are birds inside mine. The problème is when I ride this noise is more important and crush my ears.

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You might have something stuck on the magnet of your motor. But the sound seen normal from R-Spec


The normal sound of the R-SPEC is that :

listen to mine… when it slow down, it makes whistles.

You can always open it, to see if there something stock to the magnet… But it sound like it is ok

Sounds normal to me, but sounds like it’s in BLDC mode.

belt might be little tight or kinky…

might improve when the belt is more broken in

also try swapping the belt or inspecting the belt as I have had pebbles forced into the teeth and they make noise when they hit the pulley. If the pebble is black then really hard to see if not looking for them.

Can just dig them out with a knife

I have a slight clicking sound, started yesterday, doesn’t seem to affect my ride except that now the motor is a bit more noisy. :thinking:

Will have to open the motor to check at some point…

That just sounds like something is slightly unbalanced.

I had something similar happening on my SK3, it was the snap ring hitting the motor mount.

Did it break off or loosen?

I thought its normal, mine has that sound too. It’s pretty loud when I’m riding it but i’m not complaining since people tend to get out of the way because they hear me coming from behind.

Nope, the mount just keeps it from turning