Enertion r-spec drive kit - buy the hubs!


Enertion has put their hubs out for sale :clap:t3: At least this is new stuff for me! What do raptor-people think of these? Good buy?


Great that its possible to buy them for diy but 899 USD for a hub kit :frowning: :astonished: The link you posted says 898 AUD but on their sites its 1,237.50 AUD

Fk this. I’ll make make @hummie work harder and make more hubs.


Cannot help myself, but i totally dislike the different wheel sizes. It is something like a miracle to me.

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Not worth imo for $900… just buy the whole raptor at that point, you can part out the rest and it’ll probably still be cheaper

edit: in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if thats exactly what they’re trying to get you to do


ROFL this is jason’s master plan :thinking::joy::joy:

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800 euro for motor with truck, are the mentally crazy?!? that is not even close to a fair price… @Hummie makes also hubs for les than half the price with same or better spec and performance. i really dont get it why so expensive man. i dont need the hubs anyway, got 2 esk8’s already XD but man man man, jason what a masterplan:p


@Grozniy, remember that time you said maybe $500! Lol.

But, at least it is the new drive train and not the old 2.0 stock.

Also, this is the initial posting, BF deal may be pretty sweet.

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I’m sure he would only offer this during this BF. So I don’t expect a price drop.

I dunno, we will see. I hope you are wrong. (But likely aren’t)

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I relooked, I thought the unity was already included, not an add on. Ouch.

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And I thought would be 500 with the unity :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: .

That’s a lot of money for those hubs

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maybe dropping cheap BF?

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They were always going to be around 600 us. 900 aus. Thats not bad really. Carvons are a 1000 aus and not available and theres nothing else comparable out there. Before you start @b264 I know ones a hub drive and the other is direct drive but they have similar power characteristics so comparable. Hummies are cheaper and look like the best of the bunch but you will have to wait. Maybe black friday will bring some reductions. Who knows?

This is a critical error, because I immediately thought is was USD for some reason … which means @onloop’s customers (in Freedom Unit Land) might be scared away by a price that’s actually not as high as they think it is.

Put an “AUS” on that price :smirk:

Its $895 aus isn’t it?

I stand corrected

Yep – well, $898.92 AUS


@onloop, make that more clear before you lose sales LoLz