Enertion r-spec drive kit - buy the hubs!

When you go to check out it is like $1200 AUD and still $900 USD.

789€, that’s like 80% of my complete dual 6374 build which includes a FOCBox Unity. o.O


Whats the cost in reality? Ist it $898 or $1237 aud? Oh Jason? Hello? Come on I know you’re there. You don’t need anything as crass as a tag.

So after doing some site playing it seems to be the higher price. This is all in aus bucks. This means that if you try to emulate a raptor 2.1 with those price points you will get.

Drive $1237.50 Unity $410 Battery $399 charger $68 remote $39

Total equals $2135.50 Without a deck or enclosure.

Raptor 2.1 complete equals $2159

Buy complete guys and get yourself some free shit That is a real shame tbh.


Y I K E S lolz

Just to clarify, this IS

$898.92 USD and $1237.50 AUD


Much better off buying complete and selling off the deck and the battery.

Unless prices drop for BF.



I also would like to know the planed delivery time and how it is if you add a unity. Will it be shipped only when the second batch unity’s are ready or separated?

We have allocated 100 focbox unity for use with these drive kits. We believe majority of people will add the unity on considering the crazy low price of $199usd.

Simply add the unity to cart with drive kit and you automatically get the discount.

Drive kit price will be revealed soon.


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edit better that way round


Yeah I don’t need the drive train but the unity for 199 :scream::joy: dann now I got thinking again. @onloop or @CarlCollins could you please enable Russia again for shipping? It’s blocked again. Last time everything worked well and I was hoping you let it enabled :pensive: