Enertion Raptor 1.0 Dual drive SOLD

SOLD If your after a complete this is the best you can get at the moment. No waiting. Why wait till May or well past 2017 for the Raptor 2 when you can get the original now. Comes with original Owners manual, cards and Original skate tool. No go pro mount thats been taken off.

With the pre release of the V2, the Raptor V1 is no longer available. Now a limited edition collectors version. Postage by buyer. Battery might have to be shipped separately if OS. Pick Up preferred COD

Lets go through the specs: 45km/hr top speed in 3secs Has regenerative braking. 7.2kg total weight 25-30km range on 1 charge. 3 hr charge. Get a coffee between rides and your ready again. Lithium Ion 270Whr Space Cell battery Steeze wireless remote with rubber cover. Rechargable. Carbon Fibre deck, carbon fibre look cover for better radio signal. Enertion grip tape. Dual rear drive 190Kv motors +4000w of power to the rear wheels. Can you handle the speed. Fully customisable drive system to your liking through BLDC tool application. Had about 3months use. Random.

Extras - Rear tail light with separate remote,

2 handles, 2x knogg front lights, black wheel bolts and covers, kicktail protector.

What gearing does it use?

Fast. No less than 10 character

What happened, I thought you loved this thing?

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I still do love the Raptor. Just look at the pictures of the dam thing its awesome, but need to fund another toy. Something needs to give. Not using it that much at moment and thought with Summer coming here in Aus soneone might want to see what all the fuss is about. Not going to sell it for cheaps as if I dont get a reasonable offer I wont sell it. Still selling my other Raptor parts. Only carbon deck, motors and few other bits there.

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Hell yeah, all the CF is drool worthy. Off topic, nice chair haha, I also have a herman miller aeron chair. I got the polished aluminum, stool version, plus an aftermarket headrest lol.

We have the same taste. Ive got 3 Aerons. Mine is the aluminium base one as well. No headrest. Is that the one from ebay. Always thought it should have come with one. Was thinking of getting one, but expensive to ship to aus as US seller.

The pictures dont really show off the CF that well and that grip tape hides alot of the top deck CF

How much would you take for the other carbon rapter deck you have if I read that right


Have a look here. Grip tape is fine just needs a bit of grip tape block cleaner.

Is anyone interested. Still available. Bet all the V2 buyers will be going nuts soon or later having to wait for it to come. If your in Aus heres a V1 ready to go for summer.

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Anyone still intetested last call. Will be gone this week. Any final offers. Local preferred.

SOLD. You will be missed

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