Enertion Raptor 1 Deck with G Bomb Hardware

Hard to part with this one, this goes back to the earlier days of the hobby.

Selling a used Raptor 1 deck. Perfect for 10S3P or possibly 12s3P with a Unity.

No cracks, there is a glue/adhesive circle as pictured. Could use a good polish. Also, please note the lid is a different CF weave pattern than the deck. Came like this from Enertion.

Comes with G Bomb Infinity bolts. Located in Los Angeles. Asking $300

image image image image image image image image image


Damn really wanted one of these decks a few months back


Apologies for the screenshots, the site was kicking the files out for being too large

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Could you tell me the rough dementions of the hardeare cut out?

I found the original pics and specs

image image image image image image

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Open to offers

Probably a fiberglass lid. They had issues with the early Raptor1 that had CF lids. The CF lid would block the controller signal to the receiver. To correct the problem, they swapped the CF lids with Fiberglass lids.

It’s an awesome deck, the first of it’s kind and hard to come by these days.

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That’s interesting and makes sense as every CF deck I’ve seen has some kind of change in the material for the receiver.

Still have?

Yes, still available

Who wants it?! It’s part of Esk8 history

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SOLD, updated this post because the original is no longer editable

If still available, I’ll take it off your hands for $250.