Enertion Raptor 2.1 hubs versus TQ DD with 110mm

Hello fellas,

I run at this moment a 12s5p 30Q with the Enertion Raptor 2.1 drive train, coupled with a Unity and APS remote.

Everything is great at this moment, the speed is there (never maxed them, but reached 57kph / 35mph), the torque is massive but the Urethane are in really bad shape already (after roughly 500/600 km). The inner part is gone, and I quite frankly am worrying about messing up the motors because of that.

Unfortunately, there is no wheel in stock on the Enertion website, and the new batch should arrive end of May, delivery mid to end June where I live, Czech Republic.

Based on that fact, I would like to know your thoughts on swapping the Enertion drive train with the TQ DD’s everybody seems to talk about, with the 110mm.

As I have already everything (battery/deck/ESC/Remote) I believe it would be a breeze to swap the train, but I would like to know few points:

  • How will the torque be affected?
  • Top speed ?
  • Wh/m ? I managed to get 35km/22 miles, bombing hills around the city, but I reckon the Enertion drive train drains a LOT of energy with the heat they produce.

Did anybody do it ? What are their thoughts ? Does it make sense to invest another 700 $ without delivery, or shall I just wait for better thane from Enertion.

Looking forward for your thoughts.



the question is when the 2nd batch will be shipped.


Judging from reviews and impressions from others and with the consideration to not vendor bash according to the rules…How do I put this nicely.

Until these flaws are fixed…ANY hubs or DD will be better.


free worldwide shipping above 300USD with the code “freeship”

Personally I would go for a budget belt setup

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Some of us wish we had $700 to spend on a dd

Be grateful

Get the TB DD’s. You’re wasting your time with those hubs. The urethane will never get any better. It’s been over two years already.


I love the torque from the Raptor 2. But it’s only as strong as it’s weakest link.Their urethane formula is a shame and an embarrassment.

The only flaw I see in direct drives (my experience is with three previous Carvon Direct Drive builds) They never really brought me to a full stop going down hills/slopes. On the other hand, they free rolled so well that my battery gave me a lot of range because I just give it throttle and let off for a while without losing much speed.

I’ve gone back to belt just because of the simplicity when it comes to repairs, re-adjustment and gear swapping for torque vs speed.