Enertion Raptor 2 For Sale. 1.8 Miles New! Platinum 3 Year Replacement Warranty and Newest Motors!

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Hello Gents- I have a basically Brand New Raptor 2 for sale. (1.8 miles on it) So here’s my story if you want to hear or not LOL. So this Tuesday I happily hopped in my Car and drove 3 Hours to San Jose to Purchase the Raptor 2 from FranciscoV. Super nice guy if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet. He shows me his Lacroix and of course the Raptor 2. I purchase the R2 for $1600 Cash. Drove back Home. Stopped to Charge my Tesla in San Ramon. Road my R2 in a huge Hotel Parking lot next door. I really LOVE the Board. The only thing I noticed is this bitch is Torque Happy even at speed of 18MPH+ it wants to jump. But that’s cool. I wanted the power and I expected the board to be strong. Anyway after finding that the Super Charger wasn’t charging at normal speed I drove Home. Stopped of at Rocklin Tesla Plugged in again. Road the board over to grab a bite to eat. Cruised around the Parking lot. I was probably doing about 10 to 15 MPH and once again I wasn’t’ smooth with my power delivery… the board jumped my back foot planted on the Asphalt. My knee twisted just about 180 degrees. Managed to ride on my ass back to my Car. Drove to the ER. Spent the typical 6 Hours waiting to be seen. X-rays came back nothing broken or fractured. But I knew it was bad because my knee would buckle under any type of pressure. The next day I was able to get in an get my MRI. Yep. Torn ACL, Semi Torn MCL and bruised Bone. So that’s all she wrote. Going in to see the Ortho Surgeon on Tuesday. Meanwhile I decided my Old ass of 45 is better off riding a larger tire AT Lacroix type board. So i’m putting the R2 up for sale here first and then eventually EBAY.

Here is the Board Details. The Board Has a 3 Year Platinum Replacement Warranty, The Latest Motors they will be using on the Raptor 2.1 and of course the Board is about as new as your going to get! I live north of Sacramento. I’m willing to let the Board Go here to Members for $1500 Plus PayPal Fee’s. You are welcome to come to me but as you can imagine I won’t be driving very far to meet with anyone due to my shitty Knee. Please don’t bother with low ball offers as we all know this Board is HIGHLY sought after. I was bidding on one on EBAY that sold for $1699 Plus Shipping last week. Hit me up if you are interested. This board is BAD ASS. Just a little too twitch for this Guy. My Lacroix will be ordered up tomorrow. Definitely more my style of board for sure. I hope you were entertained with my fun Tuesday Evening Story-


Damn I’m so sorry to hear that! What a bummer, the Raptor is a really nice board to ride once you get a hang of it

Thanks E- Ya I was spoiled with the AT’s on my GTX Bamboo. Way more my style of ride. But i’m sure I would’ve gotten use to the R2. Just wasn’t in the cards I suppose. It’s funny I rode Half Pipe and Street Skated when I was younger and never had the severe injury like my freaking Knee. Guess it doesn’t help that I was 11-18 back then too Hahah!

I pray that you will have a speedy recovery and surgery. I had a coworker who torn his ACL playing ball. Took him almost 6 months after surgery plus physio to get most of his motion back in his knee. And another 6 months before he can play ball again.

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Ya I sure appreciate it. It’s going to be a bit of a bummer but screw it. I’ll be riding the Lacroix with my Brace :joy::rofl:


Oh man sorry to hear about the knee. Coming from another old campaigner who has two like that. That there raptor is the best pre built board on the market today for the price. The lacroix yes is good but its a mountain board. The enertion is a daily kick about. Turn it down and use it. you can pick it up and use it as a feasible means of transport and that is what it was designed for. The issue is not the board at all its the remote/receiver. That nano x is crap for a hub board with that much power. With hubs you get direct torque as opposed to satellite motors which gently push you into oblivion. That remote is a bad choice for enertion and a shame for the buying public in general. Too short a throttle range and too cheap. Otherwise brilliant hub board that has no equals. shame with a decent remote you would love that thing. Funny though there was a guy a couple of weeks ago selling a lacroix because it was too torquey. (snatchy) Guess what they both use the same remote/receiver combo.
Hope you heal well man.


You could always tune down the raptors settings on the focboxs/ unity.

Heal fast


and I rest my case. get used to it

It will be your best friend in the end. True diy inspired board with hubs.

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Ah unlucky… hope medical fees aren’t astronomical

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Sorry about the knee!

I thought warranty is not transferrable?

How does one get a 3 year warranty? I’m only interested because I would love to upgrade my board to have one.

If you end up getting surgery make sure you use Arthrex products. We’re the best in the business :+1:

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ACL= Surgery for sure, MCL heals itself.

Hopefully your recovery goes quickly. Good luck Brotha!!


Thank you all for the nice replies. Nice to see such a good community of people. :slight_smile:

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I meet with the Ortho this Tuesday . Hopefully all goes as well as can be. I can put weight on my knee now and hobble around… just can’t out any lateral movement on it :frowning:

For sure Dareno. Looking at the board it is a beauty! I do for sure prefer the ride of the Larger tires however. Just like anything i’m sure there is a learning curve and the R2 would fit me perfectly. I live up in the Foothills / Mountains of Northern California so the AT is more my style all the way around. I just placed my Lacroix order this AM :slight_smile: Sent back my GTX Bamboo. Love the board and the way it road but the Battery Sag issues out of the box were silly.

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Thanks Dareno. Ya seems to me if there was a 3rd party company that would make a high end remote and controller that t would sell like hot cakes? I’m almost 6’4 224 with size 14 Shoes… so naturally I think I prefer the wider deck and the larger tires. Thanks for the well wishes . Appreciate it!

The lacroix is a thing of beauty. You will love it I’m sure. I missed the group buy on here for the deck and enclosure.:disappointed_relieved: Those guys are great in how they operate too. Did the research and created a fantastic product. The only trouble is for me is if I wanted to purchase a complete it would end up costing nearly 4000 bucks aus due to silly import taxes from anything bought from canada. Might see about another GB for the deck though. Hope everything works out for you my friend and again heal well.

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Ugh! That’s insane on the amount of Import Taxes?! Has AUS always had that type of taxes on imported items?