Enertion Raptor 2 Motor - Frayed Wires at Hubmotor

Hey everyone.

Just purchased a Raptor 2 from a forum member here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/sold-raptor-2-for-sale-in-canada-used-but-in-great-condition/60802/7

Upon inspection, it looks like one of the hubmotors was unseated, causing some torsion and fraying some of the phase wires and severing most of the sensor wires. This isn’t a knock on the seller, he seems like a really good dude and likely had no idea. I can even see a little of how it’s unseated from one of his pictures.

Here is the carnage: camphoto_351212254camphoto_838545539camphoto_1297389768camphoto_1483920592camphoto_33463914

Video: https://streamable.com/rht1j

So questions I have: -Is this something I can salvage? My thoughts are the motor was likely running but sensorless. Of course the open phase leads seem dangerous.

-If salvageable, can anyone help me take apart this can? I looked to see if there was any guide/video to taking apart this particular hubmotor to no avail.

-Is there an easy way to remove the urethane? I saw Jason’s video on Youtube, however I don’t have access to any kind of tools of that nature (clamp, bench, hammer, steel plate) since I live in a tiny apartment in Manhattan, lol.

I’m hoping that there’s a way I can simply open up this motor, resolder and protect the wires, then put everything back together again.

Thank you! -Andrew

This might help bro. Hope it does anyway :). Ive got my Raptor coming soon so been searching for maintainance vids


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Just take off the the big clip on the inner side of the hub and you can slide it off.

Btw if you ever want to part with it I’m interested. I have one with working internals but bent outer can so I’m looking for a straight rotor without vibrations.

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You can definitely salvage it dude. They’re super easy to take apart. Just like @Minim said. That outer ring is on the far left of this pic.



regarding the urethane there was someone in the raptor thread that found a tool at Walmart (I think) that was good for this. Cost was like $10 and it saves a lot of hassle. I use mine on bearings also.

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Thanks man! Do you have a link to this tool?

Try asking jamiedev on the other forum. It was on amazon I see and it’s called a “puller”. Link to the post below.


Awesome, just ordered one off Amazon. Also ordered a soldering iron, wire, heatshrink, and some other stuff since I plan on building another board anyway.

Just gotta figure out how to make my tiny Manhattan apartment into a workshop.


97mm wheels coming in from Enertion too. Hope I can sort everything out.

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@thiswasandy If you feel it difficult to do, we will be able to help you with this. Also make sure you asked original owner to transfer the warranty and ownership by your name

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Thanks Carl. I’ll contact the original owner to see if he could do so. Might be better if I send the unit out to y’all even though I’m sure I could take care of it.


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Andrew, I am typing an email to you now but I will have it sent to an RA in Chicago. We will fix it for you.