Enertion Raptor 2 - Worlds First Esk8 with Adjustable Base Plate

We just reached our Kickstarter target! hooray!


Now we want to reach our stretch goals. #1, #2 & #3

This thread is dedicated specifically to goal #3… the adjustable angle base plate.

This will be a world first for electric skateboards, The idea is to allow the user to configure the handling properties of their ride depending on what they plan to be doing during their day of riding.

Example 1: You want to go out for a very cruisy relaxed carving session at the beach. You really want to get low and throw your weight into some turns, well you simply adjust the angle of the base plate so that the tilt angle of the deck suits your riding style & desired turning radius.

Example 2: You plan to go as fast as possible in a very straight line & want to minimize speed wobbs, so you use the angle adjustment to dampen the turning response at the trucks. This way when your weight shifts around on top of the deck it has less impact on your turns improving stability at high speed.

NOTE: All Raptor 2 pre-orders will get these rewards, doesn’t matter if you ordered on our website first, however, we must reach the targets & you must submit the order before the Kickstarter ends!!


Does the ride height change in the different positions?

No, the pivot point is the axis of the axle. So you can change the angle and the board height will remain the same.

Nice! I got to hand it to you that truck truly could change all of skateboarding.

Thanks! thats our plan!

Based on your video, that doesn’t appear to be true. As the hanger gets more vertical, the height will increase and vice versa.

Changing the angle on that truck design will change the ride height minimally.

Cool design!

maybe this is a better illustration… you can see the axle is the pivot point. the height of the deck doesn’t change.


Congrats on another great idea Jason. Adjustable precisions is great to have as an option!

My old GBomb brackets were/are a great alternative with similar functionality, but you need a deck shaped for them:

Nothing fancy - was not finished before stolen, but loved the ride - dual 5065 200kv motors, Paris 195 trucks w/ APS v1 mounts (did not like - rotated/annoying). But the GBomb/Subsonic deck combo is stellar when electrified. 97mm FTW!