Enertion raptor 2

Can the enertion raptor 2 board be changed to a step down board? Would all the components fit on a step down board?

The guts can be fit on a drop down or A drop through. Jus to depends on how much work you’re willing to put in

It could but you would need to find a way to route the rear motor wires. They currently route through the baseplate. You would just need to route them in the more traditional esk8 way.

Many people have already installed this on a Evo deck hell Moja put this set up on a drop down deck before it was out to customers.


It was not Moja… It was me!!!

On a Classic Omen Chief


I’m sorry for my mistake it was you I remember seeing it on your Instagram when I was hard core following you and Moja before I had my R2

Does that mean you’re aren’t hard core following me anymore…



I still follow you! I’m just not obsessed with the Raptor 2 anymore since I have one lol.

I check you out and LHB the most honestly lol

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Can I ask where you got this deck @JohnnyMeduse cause I have been searching high and low for one everywhere on liner and can’t seem to find one, did Omen go out of business or something…?

Thanks in advance brotha!

I got it at my local skate shop,

but Omen as it in stock I think, but not sure.