Enertion raptor alternate decks

Nothing new really just sharing pics of a couple of decks I have tried to replace the standard raptor 2 deck . Landyachtz battleaxe and a landyachtz hollowtech charlie horse. Both are great though completely different rides. The charlie is a straightline bomber, really solid at speed and very light due to the hollowtech design. The battleaxe ferls much more alive, rides more like a vanguard with awesome feel through the board.Not as stable at higher speeds though. Not sure which I prefer. Landyachtz is running with carvon v4s atm which ride really well with full thane abec 11 97’s. Do run considerably slower than the rspecs however.

20190223_090839 20190223_090827 20181115_135155_optimized 20181115_135213_optimized 20181111_134635_optimized 20181223_135002


if I am not mistaken, that’s a 2009 Battle Axe; does it have ‘heraldry’ graphics, underneath? Very rare, if so.

In fact, that deck is even a ‘founder’s favorite’: http://landyachtz.com/pages-from-the-catalog-20-years-of-landyachtz/

Great build, thanks for posting.

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