Enertion Raptor - Bench Testing Rig

I learned my lesson in the first lot of raptors! They need to be more thoroughly tested before shipping

So I made a bench testing rig so that we can better test/tune the throttle response & do some basic load tests without getting the nice new products dirty on the street.

This is the rig I made, I recycled skateboard parts & scraps.

I’ll also install a watt meter, a bike speedo & infra-red thermometer.


hahaha that’s hilarious and awesome at the same time. you need an adjustable brake on the wheels so you can vary the load.

i thought about a brake, or another motor for adding load… but then i realised i just need to stand on it

Clever contraption. You could have a motor/vesc/battery connected to one of the rig’s wheels and be able to vary the resistance to simulate hills.


Is that why I had marks on my wheel. I think the testing must of worked because the boards running really well.

That’s right @onloop :facepunch:t2: just keep on improving your practices … Rome wasn’t built in a day. Awesome… DIY all the way

Couldn’t he use a hub motor…tied into something to give him feed back?

Bahahahaha…all the talk of dynamo testing. Awesome onloop, well on the way to an e-skate dynamo…I like the idea of the hubmotor for info. Couple 25kg plates and you’ve got some real life testing results with numbers…good stuff from both sides of that table.

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let it be clear… I still think numbers from a dyno test are a waste of time… riding in the real world is the ultimate testing scenario…

But I also know that my raptor customers would be totally pissed off if I took all their boards for a cruise on the streets before shipping.

this way I can get some load on the wheels & sort-of-simulate a test I would do if I was riding it in the street.

I could connect a motor & vesc and put some braking current into the rig drive wheels and get some data… I’m not sure i’ll bother…

No argument there …if shit works it works. I agree with that sentiment. I’m just saying it opens the door to both worlds for anyone that want to figure the numbers and setup.

“But I also know that my raptor customers would be totally pissed off if I took all their boards for a cruise on the streets before shipping.”

I can’t imagine if you had some standardized tests on a track and some “test” wheels that any clients would have a stick up their butt- actually I would imagine clients would appreciate that…make an option in purchasing to opt out of your “standarized” tests…I’m no company and don’t have a lot of experience with sales - maybe it’d be too big a pain in the arse.

yeah… unfortunately don’t have the luxury of time.

Props on the rig! very simple and effective. Smaller than a treadmill :wink:

@onloop I personally wouldn’t of gone as far as you have…I would looked up to see if anyone had an old treadmill lol :running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2:

I don’t think that would accurately represent load though. Yes you will be putting vertical force on it, but it still is only moving the mass of the 3 wheels (drive wheel and two holder wheels), which is nothing compared to moving a person. If you do want to test these properly you will have to put some sort of resistive force on the wheels that the drive wheel rests on.

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Specific to the Raptor product, I’m not convinced real world load testing is needed. Issue in first batch wasn’t a lack of power, Raptor has it in spades. The issue was a lack of linear ramping of power. Tuning the VESCs via @onloop rig and a voltmeter should help address that issue. I’m not saying real world load testing wouldn’t be nice, but if I’m @onloop, with a limited amount of time to invest in tuning, I’d probably take the same approach.

This is amazing. I love this idea and i think i’m going to do something similar when i get a spare set of trucks. It would also help with the raptor repair testing and in general looks like it makes a pleasant setup for the bench since access on Raptors is from the top.

I street test my custom builds and i’m up front about it when i get requests. I still feel really funny about it though because traditionally board makers are like “NEVER BEEN RIDDEN” like Bustin for instance. But they aren’t building electric vehicles and since i’m not having parts mass produced and don’t employ an assembly line methodology, every board i build has its own characteristics so its kind of impossible not to if i want to get things tweaked correctly. Cost of staying on the bleeding edge I suppose.

No i do not ship dirty boards covered in street. Everything ships clean and fresh with maybe a mile or two on it. Much like your new car.

Sweet rig! Nice use of spare parts.

Don’t forget your helmet…

…or your Virtual Reality goggles so you can still ride on those rainy days without leaving the house. Lol