Enertion Raptor - Carbon Fiber battery compartment size?

Guys with raptors …can you tell me what is the exact size of battery compartment ??? It seems like measurments on enertion website are all wrong:


It says 510x145x28 for battery compartment but …there is one but…the SPACE PRO3 dimensions given on their webiste are lot bigger : 560mm X 205mm X 31mm …so what the hell ?? 510x145 vs 560x205 doesnt make any god damn sense.

Would really appreciate your help !!

The pro 3 has an enclosure and everything-

If you want the space cell to fit the carbon deck, you must choose the “raptor spare battery” which is basically a pro3 without a plastic water resistant case.

The point of the pro3 and pro4 is to have an enclosure with a battery already built in, and ample room for vescs. That way, you can just screw it down onto your board and have everything in one neat and tidy setup.

Cmatson what I am talking about is this battery : http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/spare-raptor-battery/

Dont look at the picture, and scroll down below it clearly says: Dimension of 560mm X 205mm X 31mm

I am confused …

that link shows dimensions 140 X 380 which sounds correct. perhaps the dimensions listed lower are shipping dimensions including packing size.

@cmatson . Space cell pro 3 fits just fine with following dimensions 140x380x25 My question would be though if you could fit the pro 4 in there with some modifications or maybe attaching it to the bottom with the enclosure and put it in parallell with the 3 for more range on a 10s7p config.

@Skitzor now there’s a great idea… 10s7p!

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