Enertion Raptor | Change the Radio Channel on hand controller STEEZE

Some people have reported some very weird behaviour with the raptor remotes. It might be interference, if you are having some issues you can try changing the channel.

Follow these steps.

1. Turn off the Raptor 2. Hold A on remote for 3 seconds to power on remote. 3. Press Down the throttle stick C, it’s a button! The Left green light will flash 4. Now, Press the B button 10 times - in under 10 Seconds. The lights on remote should now turn off. 5. Power on the Raptor 6. The green light on the remote will flash 2 times. Pause, then 2 times pause. etc etc. its on channel 2 7. Use the throttle stick & push up once to go to channel 3 8. The green light on the remote will flash 3 times. Pause, then 3 times pause. etc. etc its on channel 3 9. You have now selected Channel 3. 10. Push up again to select Channel 4, up again for 5, etc etc. 11. Once you are happy with channel number selection, press C 12. Now press A to save & exit.

After following these steps you will have a new channel programmed in.

I´ll give it a try when I´m home. Right now the street are dry so fingers crossed that it doesn’t start raining until I leave from work.

So as I said in the earlier post I have two remotes. The one that came with my mono raptor and one I purchased just a little while back. So I tried to go through the steps and noticed that after the third step it’s not doing what it should so I checked out the new one and it works as it should and after further inspection I noticed that on the original remote the B button isn’t working.on The new remote I can clearly hear the button make a clicking sound. So it sounds to me as if I just have a bad remote. I have gone through the steps on the new one but will try it later. Just to make sure. So my next question is can I get a nother remote coming. You emailed me earlier about my VESC’s being sent on the 24th. I would be fine with it coming on the same order. Then I’ll send you the old one back for QC data. Thanks.

@glenn This need to fo to enertion customer service email not here. Sounds like faulty button. They should be able to resolve it for you.

I did email enertion support but believe the purpose of this forum was to share ideas and issues as well as receive ideas and common problems for the eboard community. I was hoping to find someone else on this forum who might’ve had the same issue and that maybe had a quick solution. Sorry

@glenn No need for a sorry. i probabky should have worded it better. Its a fault if you cant get the channel to work, so a replacement is in order which I assume still under warranty. Did you drop the remote at all, Didnt t think you mentioned you tried enertion. Alot of ppl are posting repeated threads ans also its really something that should besorted by Enertion. Understand you wanted to see if it was a faulf through commenrs by others. Its just me getting a little tied of these threads. Will avoid in future, good luck.

You may save yourself posting back faulty one if you check to see whether you can send pics of opened up remote. Suspect either broken switch or loose chip off pcb. Id just check with Enertion as to the best method of replacement though. A picture might be ok for them as a claim. Anyway your a raptor owner so should be looked after.

I bought the Enertion remote to work with my DIY board (which has been working fine with a GT2B), but I can’t get it to work. When I connect the receiver to the VESC, the red LED on the receiver flashes quickly. I believe this means it’s not “binded”. Is that right? Might anyone provide instructions on how to bind the transmitter and receiver, please?

@steves Have you tried the channel change instructions as per this theead.

@onloop I just started riding the raptor yesterday. I wanted to know the button functions on the remote controller since it didn’t come with any booklet. I was curious if there was any key features or shortcuts I should know. thanks!

VInstructions for Steeve. I think its a tad overdue.

  1. Change channel - usually needed if both leds green:. Do as onloop instructions. Applicable remote not binding with receiver. Also to be used if riding with other Steeve remotes. You can all use different channels.
  2. To turn on - Turn on board first let it boot up. Then press and hold front button A for say 5-10 seconds and the left led on remote should be red and right led green.
  3. Accelerate forward - Push C throttle forward.
  4. Brake - Push C throttle back.
  5. Brake - Press on button B. Will be harsh braking. Avoid.
  6. Cruise - Press on C throttle. Push C back or press C again go disingage. Cruise only really works in higher speeds and is load based so will ramp up or down depending on hills. Recommend only on flat.
  7. Battery condition - Right led will turn Amber. Battery low. Time to charge the remote. You dont want to be left with a dead remote while riding. When you plug in mini usb the rear left led will turn red while charging and turn green when fully charged.
  8. Charging time - About 30mins depending on charger you are using. I was using a 5.3 w output one.
  9. Range - 10-15 meters. https://youtu.be/CHqvIUq0Neo from electric longboard @Photorph

Other. Dont drop it. They arent the most robust remotes as potentail for buttons A & B to be damaged.

Hope this helps others.

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About time. Since he ships these out with nothing at all. Just guess and figure it out. I figured out the “B” button the hard way. I wish it had a safety gaurd of some kind.

@sandbound You inspired me to post it.

Speaking from someone who went from an Enertion remote to a GT2B, go back to the GT2B.

The gtb2 id reliable, but its butt ugly. Suppose thats the trade off for reliability. Enertion are trying a new controller.

Too true… But at the end of the day, I would pick the most reliable remote available any day, even if it is ugly as hell haha. Although I’m in the process of putting it in one of the various custom enclosures that’re available these days :slight_smile:

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go with @MasterCho mod for gt2b, it takes problaby 30 minutes and ready to go, also the shippings is fast almost like the fedex guy was delivering in a quad 6374 setup