Enertion Raptor Diary

you need to rebind to reset neutral throttle position. This won’t fix the connection issues but won’t make your board go full speed when it disconnects. Like I mentioned, the remote is nothing but problems.



Yeah I’m not going out on it with this remote again. In a fair bit of pain lol. Going to order the GT2B and the “GT2B Electric Skateboard Controller Enclosure” so it’s not so offensive to look at :wink:

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If you want to spent a bit less time and have something that works without modifications then get the mini remote.

Don’t have one yet but i ordered it and all people are very happy with it.

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Which one is more dependable? Thats all I care about right now really.

You remember this sentence. Wasn’t my intention.

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I’d be so mad if I recieved a complete board shipped with a known bug that can cause injury. Good luck. 3 days with my gt2b and no issues, highly recommend and the enclosure mI’d was easy

I guess the gt2b and the mini remote are more or less the same when it comes to reliability.

Yeah it would appear that way

Getting mad doesn’t help anyone dude… Sure it’s disappointing but c’est la vie. Just hope I get a little discount when ordering a replacement Raptor deck. And that I can get either this or another remote working consistently with zero disconnections in the imminent future. I’ve just been advised by Jason to try re-binding it. Gonna give that a go, but regardless can’t test it for few days till my knee’s recouped. Probably going to order a GT2B!

Update: just ordered that “mini remote”


Great to meet you dude! :smiley:

I was so excited to see a fellow e-sk8er in the wild, haha! The Raptor is so sick, genuinely an epic board!.. I just really hope you can get the remote control issues sorted. Whilst I was driving home I did have a thought: For the time being I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t get hold of the same remote as I have… Just to see how you get on with it, then we can ride together again when your knee is better. We could then see how our boards both behave with the same remote/receiver setup.

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I’ve JUST ordered one like yours @mrjonnyjones .aka “the mini remote”:

"Thank you for your payment!

AliExpress will process verification on your payments authorization within 24 hours. Once the payment pass verification, we will receive your payment and your supplier will start to prepare your order. If the verification failed, you will be notified via email. Payment Successful: £32.58 Order Processing Time: 7 Days"


Good lad! I’ve had zero issues with the remote. It’s super comfortable and you’ll be able to control the board better.

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is there much trigger travel distance between 0/resting and full accelerate? assuming pulling the trigger in like firing a gun is accelerate with this one… unlike the Winning remote where you push up w/your thumb…

And does it have a lead antenna I see in this pic? Hard to tell the way its positioned… hope so, so the conection is solid!

I have a bunch of them, much more travel distance than the winning, it’s very good. And yes, that is a wire antenna on the receiver.


Basically what @michaeld33 said mate :slight_smile: Decent amount of travel, full throttle is ALL the way back, into the main body almost, braking is very controllable too.

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Has anybody not had any issues with their raptor? It seems everywhere I go on this forum people are still having problems. Which is bummer, cause i wanted to buy one. I debated on buying a Raptor or Carbon GT for months before going the DIY route. But the Raptor is like $1800 after taxes. I honestly felt ashamed of my homemade board at first, like I couldn’t afford a real board. But I’m glad I went DIY, I haven’t fallen off of my board once.

Yea that’s true, I am seeing a lot of raptor issues, which is sad. Even the one I had is having issues, the remote lost sync and despite attempting all methods it won’t connect to the board. Enertion has been responding, but it takes 4 days per reply.

I think Enertion needs to stop with these winning remote variations. Just use the most reliable remote out there, which is the GT2b. They need to up there quality control. They need to assemble each one to perfection, and make sure all the soldering is done perfectly. Doing all that will cause them a lot less headache in the long run, and it will make the customer experience better as well.

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Even with my temporary remote issues I would HAPPILY recommend the Raptor bro, especially for anyone who likes extreme sports! This thing is honestly amazing!!! It’s a complete rocket, I totally underestimated it’s brutishness, it’s honestly “not a toy” - it’s in a completely different class. I’d say the same thing for say a Koenigsegg, or the Pagani Zonda, whereas something like an M3 or 911 is a toy - if you catch my drift. One demands far greater respect. If you want the most exhilarating complete and an e-skate you wont grow board with, get yourself the Raptor Duel, trust!

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as long as it keeps working it’s great! lol. Sucks that you had the remote issue though, I hope enertion resolves it quickly.

I completely agree that Enertion needs to FULLY test each Raptor that goes out the door for all known issues, maybe even over a week or something, they definitely need a more stringent quality-control period prior to shipping. Though this is obviously tough when customers like me are emailing non-stop hassling them to ship… so I get it from all perspectives. They are doing a great job with their current resources imo!

Foremost the remote/connection dependability is of paramount importance to both enjoyment and safety. Especially with something as powerful as the Raptor Duel someone could easily get seriously hurt if it’s not configured and working as they expect. And yes, having people like me with easily avoidable issues, it eats into their profit margins, so is annoying for all parties.