Enertion Raptor Dual for Sale! Great condition. $1000

I have a friend who already owned a boosted Dual + and decided to buy a raptor dual to compare the 2. He literally has only ridden it a couple times and decided it’s just too powerful for him to handle.I originally wanted to sell it locally and numerous buyers bailed before I met up with them to sell the board. Finals came and so did the holidays and now I’m reposting the board back on the market! It hasn’t been ridden since my original posting back in November and still is just as new as when I originally posted it. Open to all reasonable offers! Will get some pics up soon. Located in San Jose, California. Can ship wherever if buyer pays the shipping.

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I’ll give you $1000. I just want a spare one. :slight_smile:

Looking for a little more. Board is literally still new. Hasnt been ridden more than 10 miles.

How much? Just let me know.

1400$ range. Was about 1800$ after all taxes new.

Would he take $1200?



Damn you. :wink:

:grin: sorry, you at least have a board.

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But I need 2!!! lol


All I have to say is don’t let anyone cheap you out, especially if it’s basically brand new. If you want $1400 or higher, you try go for it.

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I actually live in Santa Rosa(about 1.5 hours away from San Jose). I’d be willing to scoot down there and pick it up in the $1200 cash range. Do you have any current pictures of the board?

Here are the photos I said I’d upload

This thing is practically brand new. No noticeable signs of wear at all

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Wow looks great. You should make a topic.

How do you make a new topic?

Top Right. Press the esk8 logo and then press the top right where it says new topic

I am interested in Purchasing, I am in Oakland and can come down to San Jose if you need.

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@TropicalNachos dm offer

I’ll buy for 1300