Enertion Raptor | First Batch Problems & Solutions

I want to thank you for all the answers and I think is very impressive all that you achieve ! Honestly I wasn’t expecting that , but hey !! I will be probably your next customer who knows !! Now listen if you can make the raptor enjoyable like my evolve but with twice the speed !! Bro I promise, I will order 10 of them right now !! Thanks again for your time !! :wink:

Great informative post @onloop. I think it answers anyone’s questions about your plans for the 2nd batch and your brand in general.

Does this forum support polls? I don’t see a way to do it.

I’m curious what current owners think about the “maybes” (#4 & #5) from the list above. It would seem to me from @xusia’s latest video that motor current may be a non-issue. As well, I’ve not seen anyone terribly upset with the braking performance of the Raptor, or its remote. Do any current Raptor owners feel that #4 and/or #5 from the list should make it into the next batch of Raptors?

@Ermac-514 what would you like to see from Enertion that hasn’t already been committed to? Do you want a board that does 70 KM/h and is safe for kids? Honestly, I haven’t seen them ever saying “no,” or “we can’t” (or won’t) do that. Sometimes they say “give us time,” but never flat out “no.” So, what would you have them do? You’d make it a lot easier on them by saying exactly what you want. That way they could try to deliver on it. At least they’d know what you want, specifically.

I don’t think anyone who bought a Raptor in the first batch was concerned with letting children or novice e-Sk8 riders on their machines. Like was said, it’s not responsible to do so. Now, it seems that eventually there will be a phone app to potentially allow for responsible sharing of these high performance machines. That’s great! More features, I’m sure, will be welcomed.

to be honest, the raptor is already enjoyable… I have been riding one for 6 months already… the problem was I had never built 30 of them before… so stuff got missed… normally when I build a board I ride it, then I change settings if I don’t like it… the problem here was I didn’t ride any of these boards before shipping… I assumed that copying my settings across were correct… but i was wrong, each one needs to be tuned more than i expected…

anyway here is the video showcasing the product… honestly the raptor is a nice board to ride… You might also be interested to know that the guy in this video it was his first ever ride on a raptor the actual day of filming He had never ridden an electric skateboard before making this video.

This is only a suggestion . it would be a good thing to make few videos with different scenarios and settings so you can show to everybody step-by-step how you Tune the raptor properly but not the kind of video that you can barely see the screen ! I really mean step-by-step video like ((raptor for dummies )) lol and honestly that simple thing will give a lot of confidence to everyone and in the case somethings is wrong with the settings there’s no problem !! Because your tutorial is easy to follow so everybody can get back in track fast ! Also you could include the software for the pc in the box with the raptor .

I know we’ve been told to expect new lids for our Raptors, just curious for the meantime. I thought I’d add that my order number was 1343 and my S/N ends with 34 if that helps is establish a pattern. Has anyone been able to weigh their lids yet? If you don’t have a scale, maybe you can hit up your local post office or grocery store’s produce section… Ha Ha.

onloop has offed 2 paid hours of VESC customization for current Raptor owners. This is amazing and should provide more confidence than even the best made videos! It’s personalized “hand holding” for Raptor owners and their VESC / BLDC programing needs.

Considering that you can’t buy a Raptor, really, without Internet access it’s not truly necessary to provide the software in the box. That said, I have suggested a Raptor toolbox to include just that. The thread is here:

I’ve started a thread dedicated to Raptor VESC programing in the mean time. It’s my hope that this thread will become a kind of “Raptor for Dummies and Smarties” as people add there findings during their paid customization service and own trial and error. That thread is here:

Dude you are so blind smh… O well as long as your happy, that’s all that matters :smiley:

We get that someone shouldn’t have to change settings on their remote to ride at lower speeds, but at the same time, why does being a good sport about it make him blind…

I’m not a Raptor owner, but I honestly don’t see anything more Jason could have done to fix the problem- from the new lids, videos, constant replies, and 2 hours of VESC support, I think the situation has been handled quite well and he has made sure every knows that he backs his product.

I don’t blame you for being mad, but at the same time, he is doing everything in his power to fix the problems presented to him.


Fully agree! Rather than sitting around with your poopy pants on why not just try to fix the issue. The amount of information and help that has been provided is TOP NOTCH. This is after all a DIY community.

Already tried…and it seems like everyone else is trying…oh yeah and i didnt purchase a diy setup, i purchased a ready to run setup. Don’t worry, i used to post on forums without reading the subject matter.

I dont think you do get it. Just to name one problem, Xusia’s video showed how he can go in low speed,. But not everyone realizes that he could not keep/maintain that slow speed. You can easily hear the motors ramping up, so that means he never held the board at a slow speed. Which means you would have you feather the throttle to keep a desired speed. Yes guys that means at high speeds as well. Maybe i just have high standards when it comes to throttle response, i guess safety isn’t everything. Ive driven Honda civics, semi trucks, motorcycles, and Ferrari’s, and yes they all have different throttle responses. But one thing remains the same, i am able to control what speed i want to go, and you can’t with this board!(guys its that simple). Your right Onloop is doing a great job, but listen there are terms and agreements for this Raptor that Onloop is simply not following.

In my humble opinion, #4 is not needed if the remote settings are optimized, and #5 is a matter of preference. If you are an aggressive rider - which I am not - you will probably need the brake settings as they were. For me, it was a bit much. I changed the setting from -60 to -40 (a reduction in braking force) and I was much happier.

I’m a bit confused here. I don’t recall seeing any terms or conditions, other than the 300 day money back & 600 day repair guaranties. He has offered you several solutions to fix the board, so he has covered the 600 day repair guarantee. Did you ask for your money back and he refused?? Or are you referring to something else entirely? Can you be specific? Exactly what terms and agreements are you talking about?

I feel you man!! I understand exactly what you mean I know it’s disappointing, but listen, I Google the whole planet to find A company like evolve or boosted That could make a 45km/h Electric skateboard and I couldn’t find it !! :frowning: but the only company I found that ti’s product is good quality based on reviews Is enertion !!! So what do you want to do ?? is its first batch !!give Him a chance !! I’m sure if you had bought The raptor five or six months from now perhaps we wouldn’t having this conversation right now ! You will be probably one of his happiest customer by now ! That’s why I will wait a couple of months before by one ! And for onloop please add more videos and show us the improvement because all the videos that we found are pretty limited !! I think we want to see the raptor in action and yeah I did see the test video but I believe we all are craving for more ! Peace out

Believe me, I’ve seen and read the whole thread. And the only thing that seems to be missing is someone’s medication. If you don’t like it, stop flaming Jason and send it back.


This is in a special request !! Can you please make more videos !! I subscribed to your YouTube channel !! Also film some road test and some programming and film the screen so we can see what you’re talking about And try to do a good tutorial video like step by step please !! Thanks

I asked for a refund twice. What was that? Yeah I thought so… Are you a moderator smh… Anyways, your right, all you have to do is go to your nearest drug store, so please stop wasting my time.

and Jason just said no, you can’t return it?

seems kinda unlikely to me given the way everything else has been handled…

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I never went public with the matter, because I respected him. But after him not responding to that specific request twice, how would you take that? Trust me now that it has gone public, he will do the right thing. My point is he should’ve done the right thing from the start.

Please stop complaining so much about it, I want to read problems & solutions!!! Enertion is a 20 month person work and or home industry (better term than company). The reason of existence is to help DIY community and Raptor is their very first complete line of production. Buying one of these without the knowledge of DIY’ers are risk it’s self, you got to have a leap of faith and trust. Pretty sure you all have to take risk in buying from small business compared to big commercial companies. Also one of the few key reason of going for raptor is performance and tweakability. If flawless is you’re looking for (45km/h longboard), that simply doesn’t exist unless you build one your self. I personally have VESC from Enertion and it broke after 7 minutes for no reason, disappointed, but I could understand if they can’t refund. It’s a prototype and if I have my own company building not ready things for people, I don’t want to do RMA since things can go wrong in many ways. Stating the problem over and over doesn’t solve your issue. The topic of the discussion is problems and solutions, not problems problems problems and ego.

What I believe as improper from Enertion side is that they are not ready to sell raptor yet months ago. The remote is one of the final adjustment placed within production time. There are already major delay in remote shipment and parts, then ofc as a company you want to send your products asap. Take your time, relax be patient, pretty sure any industries don’t want to have bad reviews over their product and surely the owner / responsible person would take actions from it. You might be not the only one with issues, there are more people when 1 part of the product is going wrong. All of the customer would have the same issue! so give Enertion abit more time to solve their and look up into yours.