Enertion raptor for sale (SOLD)

Selling My Enertion Raptor. Something is wrong with the right motor, and I’m too lazy to fix it. The Motor either needs to be repaired or replaced. So I’m just deciding to sell it. The board is in great condition and so is the battery. This is A dual motor set up, but if you don’t want to fix the motor that is not working well you can just program the board to be a single (which I also don’t know how to do). I will sell the board with the original set of wheels, but if you want to toss in extra cash, I will sell the 97mm I bought too. Comes with the remote, the charger, extra screws, and extra belt, and the two sets of wheels if you want both of them.

I would preferred to sell this locally ( Massachusetts ) but if I have to ship I will ship, and obviously you will be charged for the shipping too.

You can also text me @ 617-959-3255

I’m guessing the issue is that the motor has a short in it. Seems to be common with Enertion motors?

How many miles have you put on it?

They both still actually work, one just makes a really loud grinding noise, there seems to be something disconnected between the motor and the little black thing…not sure what it’s called…(the pulley maybe)

A broken screw maybe? The enertion motors use keyways right?

I’m also going to be selling my Raptor one soon. Just curious though… Would you want to sell the 97mm flywheels? Been looking for another set.

How much are you selling it for?

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I’m planning on getting another board anyway, so I’m not sure yet…because if I get an Evolve Carbon.then I’ll put the flywheels on it…but if I get a Raptor 2, then I won’t really need the wheels…see my dilemma?

I paid 1600 for it, and a new motor setup costs maybe around 400 to get, so I’m looking for like 1,100…everything else on the board is fine, battery, wheels, circuit boards, remote…I’m just not hands on enough (or patient) to fix it myself.

As for miles, I’ll say I put on about 60…not much at all

What are you offering for it?

I was just curious. I’m not really in the market for another Board.

If you get 1100 bucks I would be very surprised as it has a bad motor/VESC and is used. I’d buy it for parts, but nowhere near that price point.

Make me an offer?

The VESC is in perfect condition. It’s the physical motor

Man, I hate too. I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feeling. If you don’t sell it soon let m know and we can talk.

The reason I said motor/VESC is it seems reasonable that it could be a VESC issue instead of a motor issue. But doesn’t matter to me. I would mostly just use the deck and trucks, everything else would go into the parts like or get resold.

PM Me…the board isn’t doing me any good just sitting in my room…also I know it’s the motor for a fact…I think a pretty big rock hit it…so it’s not spinning perfectly in a circular motion, which is causing it to mess up

That’s good to know. Motors are pretty easily replaced, the can might even be repairable if it didn’t break any of the poles.

I bought it. Just needed the deck and battery. Maybe the Vescs if they still work. It’s for the Carvon V3 build.

Cool, good luck brudda

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