Enertion Raptor Mono VS Boosted Dual Plus

It seems really strange to admit this, but up until a few months ago I had never ridden a mono drive eboard. Mono drive means there is only one motor. I always built & rode Dual drive eboards, ones with two motors and in my case mounted both together side-by-side on the rear truck.

I always said, why have one motor when you can have two?

Well… after riding a mono drive I am really starting to question the reasons anyone would need a dual drive… When you build a mono drive with a larger powerful motor the torque output is really amazing.

The downside of mono drive is that you have less traction when starting, meaning much easier to spin the wheels, especially in the wet or when your weight is not heavy on the motor side. Also, when braking you have half the brake force! But these things are not deal breakers.

Check out my comparo video below, I was originally planning to put the Dual Raptor side-by-side with the boosted… But really that would not have been fair to the boosted. So instead I figure we might as well test the Raptor Mono and see how it shapes up… it did surprisingly well.

So maybe you can save some coin and just get a mono?


Sweet video… It’s coming into full effect now. Congrats. Dual is probably only needed for hill climbers or those who like better braking performance.

I still want to see the comparo of the dual Raptor against the Boosted Dual Plus. Just for the record.

Only because I have the DR and want the Aussie to show the Yanks we have the best Eboard

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I second that, although we already know what the results would be…

yeah let’s say it how it is. it would just be satisfying seeing the raptor destroying it’s competition :sunglasses:

True, need a side by side comparison of Enertion Dual Raptor and Dual Boosted Plus. Also should do a 50 size like the small SK3 dual versus Dual Boosted Plus

Well the fact that single setup already beat up dual boosted in many ways, I think we are only expecting an overkill here Hahaha!

doing a Raptor Dual side-by-side was my original plan. But honestly whats the point…

It will eat the boosted.

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No that is the point. Someone will do it I hope if you dont onloop. Just so we have the satisfaction. Street cred Onloop






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would you sell the protective pad and the handle bracket standalone? Cheers

What Voltage (s)

What Gearing and wheel size for Raptor ?


nominal 36 volts 15 tooth motor pulley 36 tooth wheel pulley 83mm wheel

I wonder if with a 14 T if it wld have won all 3 catagories

no it would not make much difference.

I think if i had the motor on the heal side it would have been much better. The motor on that mono is toe side and i was also on a slope so the drive wheel didnt have much weight on it, it kept wanting to slip under full acceleration, so i had to manage that with the throttle a little bit.

Ok so it’s not a lack of torque ?? , how do you think a 16T would have done on accelaration ?

3:1 is going to give you plenty of torque. The problem most of us have run into is the logic between unsensored outrunners and esc’s.The endless combinations that we come up with almost always run between 2.7:1 to 4:1 and sometimes it works out really well.

My best builds have been with Lipo. There is no question. Also, Hobbywing and Castle both make better ESC’s than the VESC. WAY LESS ISSUES! Not sure where all of the opposition came from on the forums, but if you peruse you won’t find but maybe 1 or 2 issues total using those esc’s. And 1 of them were mine because I had a loose motor wire and fried my mamba monster.

I’m working with a couple of vesc’s right now @ 10s, geared 3:1 and I’m not stoked with what I’m getting. Slow start up, smoothing that makes the board feel like a barbie vette, and voltage sag that cuts the motors off constantly. None of that ever happened with lipo at 6s and 8s. My other builds are scary fast.

Edit-I know this post seems out of place, and maybe it is…But @Randyc1 has been asking me questions by PM on ES so I got a notification and fired away. My volume and delete buttons are broken :joy:

I thought the VESC was THE esc to buy for e-skate ??

The ratio in this thread is 2.25 to 2.40 :1 , the ratios you mentioned, are they more for Mountain boards?

Im surprised that you would put the motor toe side considering thatvits been documented a number of times on this forum that heel side is best.

When I built the mono raptor demo board i grabbed a drive train assembly that i had pre-built for a photo shoot. Didn’t really think about it until the board was built and i jumped on it. it’s not too hard to swap over but just never had the time to do it.

Having it toe side is definitely not ideal! but great for doing wheel spins though!