Enertion Raptor Reviews

yeah… your right… i need to refine this design. :slight_smile:


Same shape as Enertion wheels. I have the old style aluminum pulley, so they need to be drilled out a bit. New pulley should snap right in.

What are the specs of the flywheels you used.

I think it’s the 83mm ABEC 11 flywheels which are 75a durometer.

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Is this the wheel you’re suggesting for a softer ride @flatsp0t? https://www.skatedeluxe.com/en/abec-11-flywheels-83mm-78a-wheel-green-4-pack_p27670?cic=GB&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=uk&gclid=CNmy69Lhgc4CFVUo0wodgXkJEg

Almost, the same size but they have it in 75a which is even softer for absorbing more vibration and bumps. The one you posted is 78a so slightly harder. The blue one on raptor is 80a.

If you have good and smooth roads the stock wheels are good. Only if you have rough roads or bumps then the abec 11 83mm wheels with 75a durometer makes ride more comfortable and grip better.

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Cheers bro, totally would have ordered these incorrect 78a ones lol. I think this would be a nice option for Enertion (@onloop) to offer Raptor buyers during check-out at some later stage; Which density/hardness wheel they prefer depending on local road surfaces. Will buy these if/when I feel the stock wheels are overly hard. Although don’t imagine that’ll be for at least 5 - 6 weeks as I’m #4808 which isn’t even listed on that order timetable thingy yet. Tho doing a date:order calculation I can extrapolate the approximate delivery window if Raptor production progresses at the same rate. I wanna send the team an espresso machine or something :slight_smile:

Just received the controller, oh my god! Battery at 87%, still loading. Pics, vids and impression surely incoming :smile: :sunny:


awesome, let us know what you think honestly. Try maxing out full speed.

I somehow cannot manage to stuff it inside without being on top of something or I just suck lol Can you give me a hint Edit: im just concerned about bending the cables lol, lemme do some bending and see if it works. How much can I bend the xt60 cable coming from the raptor?

I just did it like this, is it any bad for the electric flow when the cable is that bent? thanks

Bend, just be careful. Same boat as rest of us, it’ll fit.

Hey, you can bend the cable…no big deal.

Alright Thx ill test it out

looks fine the way you did, mine is same way. Now put on the lid and go ride!

@onloop & @carl.1 ^ This seems like a simple fix no(?), and a complaint I’ve seen mentioned more than once now. Please add an extra inch or two of cable if possible on future orders. (Esp. Raptor Duel #4808)

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This is not an issue at all… I’m not even sure why it’s posted. No need to tag onloop or enertion support. It’s just a matter of plugging the cable in. A child can do it.

Adding more cable would just make things harder.

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This “issue” has been mentioned a few times now by different Raptor customers. Surely if numerous clients are all worried about damaging this cable that appears too short and needs to be bent at an uncomfortable degree, it’s something very easily rectified by simply cutting it an inch or two longer when making it.

How would an extra inch of cable make things harder? There’s ample room for an extra inch of cable in that space…

Ideally I don’t want to have to be careful bending any cable in fear of breaking it when it could easily be made very slightly longer.

Even with long cable though, you will have to bend it. A gentle bend won’t do anything to cable. Watch the video by enertion, they also bend the cable when installing.

THIS IS THE MOST FUN YOU CAN IMAGINE! It is just a beast. The first time I stepped on it it flew away under me and I fell. I just barely moved the stick. After that I started carefully and didnt fall since then. It is just a MONSTER! The braking is something to get used to and practice a lot but works really really well (be careful the motor brakes the board well :slight_smile: ) The fastest I drove was about 25-30 kmh i imagine and that was really fast! The speed wobbles were too big since I didnt know how hard the trucks are set after shipment. Ill harden em now. This is just an awesome feeling, flying by people. Sooo many turning heads and I had some conversations already!! Sadly here in Berlin, Ger its not legal yet. I will do my next tour in 5 mins - have fun everyone :smile:


Enjoy it Brother!! Please link to any YouTube videos you make :slight_smile: