Enertion Raptor VIP Club - 150 member limit

This is an exclusive club only open to the first 150 raptor owners (at 94 currently), it rewards the early adopters with an upgraded warranty, wholesale prices on the latest technology releases and the latest news on product developments before anyone else.

  • The warranty upgrade is a 12-month instant replacement warranty covering all parts on the raptor.
  • New technology will mostly be related to batteries, drive trains & hand controllers.

As a Raptor VIP Club member you will be given the opportunity to provide critical feedback to help enertion build better products. You will be able to directly email Jason with product questions & support inquiries. You also have a chance to be selected as a beta tester for future complete eboards we plan to release.



Yes! Finally I’m a legit member of a VIP-Club.


Heey, @onloop is back !

Ontopic: What a nice extra service there !

Give them Hell!

Glad I kept my order! Best believe if I get my board this month, I will be promoting this on my channel :grin: This part also excites me :pp

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This is from what Evolve did with the GT. They sent beta boards all over the world for testing for a month per person. Which I think is better than what Enertion were doing which is in house testing. In fairness Evolve could afford to do that. The deal I believe was for the testers to buy the production GT, discounted possibly. So if Enertion do that ill be the first to put my hand up as a beta tester as I did ask them early on about it. @onloop.

Exactly, I’ve been so jealous of the GT testers. But also really angry that Jeff couldn’t find any decent reviewers that are not biased to have a go at the board for a month and let them make good videos (once it officially launched). So far most of the beta testers have made some decent ride videos, but they lack serious information and the testing they’ve done is poor. They need an impartial third party…hopefully I can be that for Enertion in the future :slight_smile:

@Mr_Mahal The testers were Evolve loyal customers hence why the poor vids and reviews. Its going to be biased. They want the riders real world feedback to assist with the development of the production versions. Your videos may be less biased as yourve owned or going to own other brands.

I can say that 1 of the GT beta versions remote died, 1 motor started to make grinding noise due to covers rubbing with fixing. Then both motors died alltogether. Lucky Evolve make those backpacks so its easier to walk home. I was still riding my Raptor home.

I assume this was the time you went to see it first? That’s why beta testers are so valuable : p But yeah I know they are loyal customers. It just doesn’t help entice people not within their eco system to join in when you can obviously see the bias and almost none of them ever talk about the cons.

If you have purchased a Raptor please click below.


done! Thanks for making this VIP club.

Done. Order 1351. And I want to be the first to put my hand up as a Beta tester if the opportunity arises.

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Yeah, what he said! I too would like to be a beta tester. Order #1689 here.

has anyone ever heard anything after signing up?

Did I make the list Jason ? I’m 1550. I plan on buying more stuff but want big discounts please

I think as far as I know, anyone who has ordered up to May or June even this year has made the list.

I have not heard anything again though after signing up for this.

I think its all on hold for now as baby probably arrived. I believe theres still room for the VIP. Enertion cant make or distribute them quick enough. I wonder whether the ship has left the harbour. With the masses lining up for Boosted 2.0. Evolve GT and bamboo. Glad I have my Raptor though. Might be some more sales on in the future.

Its all about timing. Raptors are there and hopefully vid like @Photorph will open up the Brand as I still dont think anyone has any idea how good this thing is. Its a weapon.

Heres one from NIK

@Photorph can you message me your you tube channel you have set up. Couldnt get it to work in one of the other threads you posted it in.

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My channel is called electric longboard.

I have the raptor and I’m going to test it before I do a review, so I won’t be posting a review right away. I may post small videos of the tests I’m doing. I already posted one, it was literally my first time stepping on the raptor and just like a 1 minute ride I did since it was getting dark. I really love it so far! They must have done something different because this throttle response is excellent… But I need to ride it more, I’ve only ridden like a couple of mins total so far.

I need to buy some tools to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight. I also need to buy a new camera, my GoPro is working fine but my main camera (canon 80d) broke… So I’m waiting on a few things and to do testing before I post a full review and comparison with boosted and the LHB. I’d say in 2 weeks the full review and comparison will be up, in the meantime I’ll post some clips here and there.


Great to hear the throttling is adjusted. First batch needed adjustments.

Hi raptor VIP’s

This club is still happening… I have just been super busy… more news & updates when i get back to work…

1st priority at the moment is my family.