Enertion Raptor Wheels Update | In talks with Labeda California | Made in USA

That’s probably the only downside of the forums and Facebook groups, negative stuff usually gets posted so it’s hard to tell what the actual success rate is - not just for Enertion but all other brands.

Best of luck with the factory move and I’ll look forward to receiving the outwheels in due course.

Hey @adrianenertion, Any updates on the wheel production?

I am waiting on wheels/outwheels which were ordered along with my Raptor 2.1’s in Dec 2018… :open_mouth:

At this point in time I have waited so long that the most important thing for me is to receive some wheels/outwheels that are of high quality, durable & with a long life span.

Can we expect all future Crossover wheels/outwheels & standard 90mm wheels/outwheels to be produced in California or to be of a higher quality than the wheels shipped on the Raptors back in MAY 2019?


Youve never watched ‘Gleaming the Cube’!?

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Is it anything like human centipede?


Way better. And i can’t believe you haven’t seen it… classic skater movie. Think i have it on vhs still


Ill try to download it!


@adrianenertion the website currently says expected shipping in October, if we order now will we be getting Labeda wheels?

Wow those ETA date are always getting push further and further… i order 97mm wheel in april , suppose to receive in may/june , after that it was july , after that it was August, after that September and now october !!! Wtffffff enertion

I received my board new in box Thursday, barley rode it and rode it again today, the battery has gone from 100% down to 40% during my 2 rides and guess what… a massive crack in one of the wheels rendering it unusable!

I’ve raised a ticket etc I would like to know if this will get replaced under my warranty?

They should just put a script on the site so that the date is dynamic and is just calculated

fortnightAway = new Date(Date.now() + 12096e5);
options = {
    weekday: 'long',
    year: 'numeric',
    month: 'short',
    day: 'numeric',
formatted_date = fortnightAway.toLocaleString('en-us', options);
document.getElementById("PromisedShippingDate").innerHTML = formatted_date;

In this way, they can always have the correct shipping date listed on their web app! :smiley:


Yeah I think they’re gonna be blaming that one on barley.

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This thread is interesting im over on the esk8 forum amd I’ve dove into bringing back enertion outwheel. For the past months I’ve been sourcing parts resins and liquid plastics to cast. Ive just finally did my first pour. With a 80A PU wheels. The first pour I’ve encountered heat which thickened the last pour for the first wheel. The send pour I’ve done perfectly gotten the timing right on the work time of the Plastic.

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