Enertion Raptor wiring / motor query

Plugged it into bldc, however current firmware is 2.18 and my version only reads 2.54 onwards. Any issues with updating to 2.54 using split ppm and also does anybody have a link for the firmware if poss? Many thx

@Ackmaniac the man you wana talk to about firmware.

Hi Hatman

Have you tried using different version of BLDC tool? Also please tell us about your Operating system. Is your board showing limited connectivity?

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About to download the Enertion version now. I’d just like to have the option of running can bus, however it looks like the vesc that was replaced also has damage to the canbus pins :cry:

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Also, it appears that with this split ppm set up that the receiver is getting power from both vesc?? Ps tried the nano x and every time I turn off and on the board it just resets connection until I disconnect/ reconnect the receiver wire.

I would shoot for your PPM wiring to be done this way :slight_smile:

Then the receiver is only powered by your chosen “master” vesc.

If you have time in the next couple hours and can hook it up to your computer, I can help you out with a teamviewer session to doublecheck the settings. Up to you…

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I agree with Skitzor, arrange a teamviewer session with him. If it works fine, Report back. If issue is still there, Let me help you with it :slight_smile:

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Disconnected the 5v and ground feed from the 2nd vesc and all seems to be working A ok. Confused as to why it was wired that way in the first place but at least that seems to have fixed it for now. Had a go at canbus earlier but no joy . That could be why it was changed to split ppm

I’m glad that your issue is resolved. :slight_smile:

Good news, enjoy the board !

Posting an issue again and then deleting it, I’m confused…

I’m now having an issue when going full throttle and the motors cutting out. I thought I’d remedied it (thus deleted post) but just took it for a spin and it keeps doing it under full load. The motors are set to 40 amp max and batt max is at 25.

also discovered this, which is pretty useful