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Enertion refund

So I was one of many who purchased that enertion Raptor 2.1 and as everyone knows they went out of business and didn’t say anything … how are we suppose to get or money back !! Credit card co won’t refund me enertion won’t say anything … I’s everyone who ordered just fucked out of 1600 dollars ??


@onloop is/was the owner of Enertion and has returned to this forum to hang around & hand out advice. Maybe he can help you.


Your bank can’t help fill a complaint ? Otherwise you’re money is pretty much gone

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I tried and they said since it was over 90 days it was out of their hands

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I’ll send a message thank you .

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Hi Michael, I am the former director of enertion, The business has gone into liquidation and you will need to contact chiefly advisory to make a claim as a creditor.

I am really sorry for your loss here, you might want to try again with your bank/credit card provider and advise them of the liquidation process that is ongoing.

I doubt I can say anything to make this situation better, at least I will offer you my sincere apology, I never intended anyone to lose money with enertion, but in the end, we were crippled by chargebacks and debtors who wouldn’t pay up.

Enertion is still owed thousands of dollars from a few vendors in the esk8 industry who ordered large quantities of parts and never paid us. They know who they are.

Over the last 6 months before the business went into liquidation, we were able to process nearly 200k of refunds, but sadly there were a few of our valued customers who missed out for various reasons. Once again I am sorry that you have had to take a loss.

I am also taking a huge loss here, I’m personally in debt of nearly 200k, some of our property may also be seized and liquidated, I will be paying this off for the next 25 years.

Enertion wasn’t a scam, it was a successful business for 6 years until it wasn’t. We paid over 1.2million dollars worth of wages to our staff over this time and delivered 98.6% off all our orders.

Michael, I wish there was something I could do to make it right for you and the few others who are in the same boat. But at this point in time, I have nothing left to offer.

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For anyone following this , I have learned a very expensive lesson . If a company can’t deliver within 90 days get your money back while you can. I tried getting my money back every which way through banks countless calls / emails and also through chifley advisory as recommended and they all say that I’m just out of 1599 US dollars . It makes me sick thinking about it but there’s nothing I can do .


Ermm so you kept taking on orders even when you knew you were never going to fulfill them, and still don’t call Enertion a “scam”?

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We had enough stock on order to fulfil all orders and have a surplus!

I personally put in 50K cash i loaned from family to try to get it over the line. We also had a government grant of 60k that was due. We came really close to making it work.

Unfortunately, the chargebacks didn’t stop, once a person submits a charge-back the cash is debited from the business immediately, even if its a valid chargeback reason or not.

When the cash was gone and there was no chance of paying our suppliers and fulfilling orders the website also stopped taking orders.

If it was a scam I never would have put in additional funds. If it was a scam I wouldn’t be in 200k of debt.

You don’t?

Why can’t you send him this inventory?


So what is this then?


Do you not have the ability to create a list of peoples whose orders were not fulfilled and who did ngitimately chargeback to you?

Seems like you have the ability to send unity

seems scummy

IF you are in contact with the factory in china could you disclose that relationship currently?

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It means that Jason can start refunding people. Good on you Jason, for attempting to do the right thing.

That requires real character!

because I don’t have any inventory to send to anyone.

The only places you can buy these parts now is directly from the factories and suppliers that enertion contracted to manufacture. If you pay them they will send it directly.

I have found a few places:

So is not yours? Despite what the screenshot suggests? That seems pretty hard to believe don’t you think?

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If Trump can become president, Jason can most certainly sell his remaining stock whilst not giving two fucks about hiding any traces.

This is how dumb this world is.


Sucks to hear about your loss man. Any company that takes your money in order to use that money to pay for someone else’s product while your on wait until that next person buys a board so you can finally get your product doesn’t work. Besides this company falling in the pit with illegitimate and faulty hardware, this business approach also put people on they’re rear ends. Let’s just call in the 1-2 Kangaroo sponsored by Jason. All joking aside, im sorry for what your going through.

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Then why are you asking shopify about and says “My store” And from what i heard from your old partners you dont have any huge 200k debt


@onloop is pretty good at showing everyone just how bad of a pathological liar he is. When you uploading those design files bud?

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Their new boss owes enertion creditors a few grand actually. You are also a creditor, no? So these guys who are giving you the fake news technically owe you money.

The irony is if this particular debtor had of paid his bill this factory wouldn’t be trying to clear out their excess inventories.

Did they happen to tell you that they are also holding assets legally owned by enertion that could be liquidated to further help out the creditors?