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Enertion remote question

Bit of a specific question here. I have an Enertion/Steez remote and tonight I accidentally dropped it from about 2 - 3 feet onto carpet and one of the internal front buttons broke off, the other internal front button still works but it no longer clicks. Tbh I’m a bit disappointed about the fragility of the remote considering I also had the rubber case on it but as long as I can get it working again then no biggie.
The button that still works but doesn’t click is the button used to power on the remote so I’m wanting to know if there’s any difference between the two buttons as I’m thinking I may as well swap them over and solder them back on seeing as I don’t really use the secondary button. Should there be any issues with this? Would appreciate your input @onloop :slight_smile:

Many people have reported a similar problem, i have asked the factory to improve the design.

I am currently looking at some new options that will be more robust.

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you can easily fix this, just open the remote and solder the switch back on.

Thanks Jason. Should there be any issues with swapping the switches? I’m concerned that considering the power switch no longer “clicks” when you press it, that it may become less reliable.

The B button is configured for full braking and to change channels. I would also swap them out in your case.