Enertion remote (steez) B button question

Okay so I put my board and remote in the trunk then somehow the B button just…killed itself. Can’t even connect two sides by using wires, the whole metal thing just gone, Can anyone tell me that it is fixable or not?

BTW I found out when I was doing blinding, only had to press B button once, never needed pressing 10 times in 10 seconds. It’s normal or…?

Can you resolder actuall button onto board. The Steeze buttons are very suceptible to damage, hence why they are now moving away from them.

To bind to board you just press and hold B. See binding thread for more intructions.

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Sounds like the pad has been torn off. Usually that means it’s totaled.

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Well I can’t, the pad has gone so just like you lose a negative or positive side of a loop. :zipper_mouth:

Well really can’t be fixed?

I saved my Steez by adding shock proof super glue on the B button (which had come loose) and soldering the point back. I would say its better (stronger) than new. Unfortunately if you’ve lost the button, you might be in trouble…

Maybe take it into an electronics parts store and see if they have something similar to replace it.

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that probably could be fixed if you sourced a new button on digikey or somewhere. I have a couple of them like this and i’m sure they’re totally fixable. I haven’t had a chance to order a bunch of those little switches though.

I can’t see very well on the picture, but it looks that way… I’ve had it happen to me before multiple times… It stinks. Technically it’s a manufacturing issue, so depending on where you bought it, you may be able to get it replaced. But IDK if Enertion is going to replace it for you…

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Thanks guys, well I don’t really need B button because only need it when blinding them. I could just use a wire to connect both side (tho have to open the case first). The issue I have is quite serious I think, the loop seems like been destroyed.

Can’t even get read from digital multimeter… :frowning2:

Maybe have to buy a new remote or hope it doesn’t need to be paired in rest of its life…

I’ve had the same issue with two previous steez controllers and while waiting for the new one to come in I used a peice of solder wire to connect the remote to the board. It was a pain in the ass doesn’t always work first try but it at least gets the remote paired. Did the same with the a button and just didn’t turn off the controller and left it on a charger for it not to turn off.

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