Enertion Remote vs Nunchuck


Want to know if the Enertion Remote is worth upgrading over my current Wireless NunChuck to Vesc setup?

Don’t mind the Nunchuck but thinking the Enertion remote might give me more range and smoother handling to control speeds?

Current setup: Enertion Carbon Deck Single Enertion r-spec 2.0 motor Vesc (waiting for next batch to come in) *Pretty much a raptor before they were available.


I’d say unless you’re having issues with the nunchuck dropping out, just stick with it. I don’t think you’ll see any range difference.


Well, depends, if you have the fibreglass lid or not. That would upgrade ur controller range

I have a nunchuck and an Enertion remote. There is no way the Enertion remote can be considered an upgrade except if you’re having drop-outs. Throttle response is not as refined and there is no real cruise control.

Does anyone know how to pair the new enertion remote the one with a hole for your finger?