Enertion, return my money, or see me in court

Finally got my hearing done with NCAT, I now have a court enforceable order for Enertion / Jason Potter to return my money. Is that enough for you Enertion or are we going to add some court costs to your bill? In 14 days, if I have not received a full refund, I’ll be filing in court for the refund, legal fees, and any reasonable expenses I have incurred.

If you attempt delivery on the board, it will be rejected at Enertion’s cost.




Knowing Jason has fled this forum, I would add this to whatever support tickets you have with them, drop a new ticket, send it to any of the enertion public emails and maybe send it as a letter (with tracking/reception confirmation).

Keep the original.





Will other buyers follow and start take them to court? Just hope they don’t file for bankruptcy.


Well it’s about time.


I’m in the same boat. I haven’t seen any of the Enertion guys on the forum for a bit either. I am a little worried about them at the moment as I don’t ever want to be part of something that forces a business to go bankrupt just because they have run into a bit of financial trouble. However, I think I have been more than accommodating in offering them options for a refund and I haven’t heard anything back from them, so it honestly seems like court is the only way to go in order to get my money back. It’s a shame though.


This is not funny and also hilarious. So what exactly did you do to get this?

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I think in the end we just all want reliable companies providing awesome products. Those who repeatedly failed to meet promised deadlines by several weeks or months and strategically try to discourage or prevent customers from getting the support they are entitled to have no business running a business.

It may appear as if there are a few incidents if you read through this forum, but when looking at reddit and their YouTube channel combined… There are allot of customers who have not received their products or support (ranging from wobbly wheels to missing raptors to the obvious candidate… The unity).


Paperwork has been served to all the relevant emails as well as Jason’s house and to his companies address. The papers were actially served by the tribunal, so no worries there. Court summons will be the same. These guys have serious balls thinking they can just ignore the law and it will go away.

Good thing for me is Jason (not just his company) is named in the order to pay, so I’ll be sueing him directly, as well as his company. You think they’d just pay me my lawful refund rather than get tied up in this mess of litigation. But that’s the type of company we’re dealing with unfortunately.


Hmm. This is highly concerning really. You would think that they would just refund rather than go through the bullshit.

It really makes you wonder where they are at. It seems as if they are almost at a pivotal point from what they say…


Its pretty obvious that Enertion is swirling the toilet bowl. One less turd in the bowl is fine with me. Treat your customers right and you’ll have a longstanding company

Any hope that if they go under they will release everything they own as open source? That’d be some redemption… I’d love some focboxes if TB’s DESC 6 isn’t the shit instead.

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Fat chance

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TB FOCBOI 6 you mean rather


Does Jason not own this domain/forum?

Yep. Jason/Enerion does own this forum. Jason banned himself after banning another forum member for 1000 years for something that happened outside of the forum. That something was the forum member continually posted the issues he had with all the broken Raptor 2’s/parts they sent him over the course of 2 years. He wanted to hide it in order to continue “sales”. Which means he kept wanting to take money from unsuspecting buyers without shipping products to previous purchasers. He’s a pretty gross forum owner and business man. And it shows as evidenced by him not even being able to pay his employees.

P.S.- He’s systembot. He thinks we’re all idiots.


It’s not the new builders forum. It is the builders forum. :wink:



I just got a tracking number for my board. Bunch of others did too. How do I know this? They emailed a bunch of us with pending orders last June about a delay and didn’t use the BCC field lol. Bunch of us stayed in touch via “reply all” to compare progress of our orders. So they’re moving product now it seems. Can’t wait to get it.

How long did you wait? Took me 5 months. I figured going in, based on YouTube clips, reviews etc that they were a young bunch of skater boys trying to start a biz so I set my expectations accordingly, gave them benefit of the doubt. I know it sucks to wait so long, believe me I know :joy:.