Enertion, return my money, or see me in court

Just wait until they don’t have replacement parts to repair what is inevitably going to break. The boards are very poorly QC’d. They look pretty cool though. Wear an armored suit. You’re going to need it.

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Absolutely this is a concern. I asked Roan at Toronto Ruckus about this and he said they moved to a supplier in California and better wheels will be available then. He said anything in stock ships out in reasonable time and the new supplier should be quicker, and the recent change in chemistry should improve wheel longevity tremendously. Just gotta say though, the board made quite an impression to those in attendance. If it truly is the Lambo of boards, maybe it also shares bay-queen status too? Dunno yet. Will let you know.

They’ve been saying this same thing for over 2 years now. You must not have done your research. They say these things to get sales. Obviously it worked on you. A meepo board is the lambo of boards when compared to the R2. I’ve owned 3 R2’s. They will break down in no time and most likely lock up and try and kill you. Also, Enertion isn’t in a place to replace the parts under warranty efficiently or in a timely matter. You don’t have to let me know. I’m just trying to warn you. There are much faster, more reliable boards out there for that kinda money. Have fun dealing with the Enertion train reck.


Sad to say, from everything I have seen, this is right on the money. That said, I hope you somehow beat the odds.

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i hope they don’t refund you just so we can see what happens XD

hope it goes well for you! I dont know much about law, but how would the court force them to actually pay you the money? lien on his house/car/business?


I’ll find out what my options are next week, I just wanted to give Enertion 2 weeks to respond before I begin wracking up expenses. I do intend to prosecute to the full extent of the law though, even if I can’t recollect my funds, these guys need to be stopped from putting other people in my situation.

Once I see my lawyer however, I don’t think that continuing to give updates will help my case. I will definitely update when the matter comes to a close though.


Just want to thank you for this. It’s something I would have done personally, but with recent health issues (my fiance, not me) I wasn’t in a place for it to be feasible monetarily. One man income for my family now. But Enertion has been fucking over customers for far too long and hiding it by deleting “This board almost killed me” posts and much more. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


I really hoping this isnt the end for enertion I have been a big fan since the raptor 1 hit the streets. But I feel his pain I have to deal with china for components for my own business (Nothing to with esk8) and delays broken promises and substitute are the order of the day I suspect some delight in getting one over on us western devils. There are others that continue to suprise me going out of their way and own expence to make sure I get what I paid for… Sucks to see another Gold Coast business have hard times I wish I could help. When I heard rumors of the new evolve a month ago part of me was hoping Jeff would buy out enertion and offer it as the evolve raptor. I have a dead raptor 2 in my workshop its a brilliant board although this one is water damaged by previous owner I would love to upgrade restore it to 2.1 status.

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They changed to message on the Unity pre-Order that the next batch will ship in October (you prob know that)

I would think after the disaster that the situation has caused this shipping estimate would be taken seriously. My friend is waiting for his, that I convinced him to buy.

I don’t want to order one from Enertion… but if they show up on shelves…

I think he meant “Rambo” of boards. :rofl:

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If it helps anyone, I got my board today. Looks real slick. Not an expert in this field, my first purchase and I bought it for my son. Two other customers I’ve been in contact with got their boards couple weeks ago as well. So they’re shipping. Mine was ordered April 21 2019.

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Sincerely hoping you got a good one instead of a lemon. Just get him a great helmet, monitor the shit out of the wheel PU and stop him riding when it looks like cottage cheese.


Please keep an eye on your son with these boards. I have a small fear that WC may have been rushed to get these shipped before more chargebacks and refunds

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Looks like systembot got you!

Here you go

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My bank ended up removing the funds from Enertion, they still haven’t responded to either my banks requests for information, or to the legal order demanding them to pay. They’re just a bunch of incompetent morons, way in over their heads. My nightmare is finally over, and I can finally purchase a board that will last more than a few weeks of riding (if I even bother pursuing this hobby again), and I wont have to worry so much about breaking my neck when a wheel decides its time to fall off, or a motor decides its time to lock up. 40km/h is not a speed you want to be eating the pavement at.

Good luck to everyone that decided to stick behind Enertion. While I think anyone riding an Enertion board is just putting themselves at real physical and financial risk, I hope you all ended up with good boards and never have to go through the pain of needing to contact Enertion.

To Enertion, and any of the staff that constantly mislead, ignore, or simply don’t care. Fuck you.


For the record, mine was ordered early March, you managed to receive your board before I even received a response, that’s the type of true assholes you’re dealing with here.

They actually thought they’d give me a hard time, because I had the gall to ask for a refund for something I’d been waiting for, for three times longer than advertised. How dare I.

Also to anyone who is riding these boards, you might want to take a look at https://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/257154/acl-product-safety.pdf specifically sections 7 & 8. I have a strong suspicion that Enertion isn’t complying with section 7, and section 8 outlines the rights a consumer has to address the issue.

If anyone injures themselves, please report it here https://www.productsafety.gov.au/contact-us/for-consumers/report-an-unsafe-product

Good luck fam.


I hope you don’t leave esk8. Come hang with us on the other side and we’ll get you sorted.


Soooo. What you gonna get?


Something I’ve been saying for a couple years now. I think people are finally catching up with reality. :slight_smile: